Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How professional are you to be considered professional ?

Hi readers,


That is something that you hear everyday whenever a person comes up to you and ask how long have you been playing with the yoyo. You will be telling them "oh , I have been a yoyo professional for almost a year" or 3 years or 25 years BUT what does it mean to be a yoyo professional ?

Is it the age factor ?

Is it the years of experience factor ?


Whether a person is sponsored by a yoyo company is considered as a professional ?

The truth my friend, there is no proper guidelines to determine who is a yoyo professional or not. I have been playing with the yoyo at the age of 10 and that would be 17 years of experience in total. I could be calling myself a yoyo master but on contrary, I still have doubts branding myself as a yoyo professional. To me, it is similar to the education system, it is a never ending learning process.