Friday, January 23, 2015

Weight rings and Side effects.

A yoyo weight distribution is considered as one of the major factor to determine whether the yoyo is good or not. Just imagine that you're wielding a sword, if there isn't a proper calibration between the material used and the weight distribution during forging, the sword will be deemed inappropriate for combat as it might break due to the poor forging. This goes the same for a yoyo. If the weight distribution is not proper, the yoyo will wobble during play , otherwise known as vibe. A yoyo with a slight vibe is still playable , but if the vibe is too severe , therefore the yoyo will be deemed as a damage yoyo.

 Yoyo players are constantly complaining and are unsatisfied with some yoyos due to it's weight. Don't get me wrong , they love the yoyo design but certain yoyos are too heavy and some of them are too light for their taste. The design is perfect, it fits nicely in the hand, the catch is good and it plays really well but due to it's weight, players have the tendency of loosing control of the yoyo. 

So what are the steps taken to fine tune a yoyo's weight ?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

8 signs you should invest in a yoyo

Hi readers ,

Do you remember the time when you are so clingy to one particular yoyo that you refuse to change ? I have my moments. I remember that I was using an 888 yoyofactory and to me, that was the best yoyo and there is nothing else that could replace it. PFFFT , it has hubstacks yo ! (pun not intended) , What other yoyo that could beat that ?? Owh boy, I was wrong. 

Yoyos are constantly improving each day with a slight modification to their body designs and other special features installed in a yoyo. It gives the yoyo a different feel and a different play style. You see, I didn't know this back then. So, I faithfully stick to my precious 888 for 2 years. One day , I saw this awesome looking purple acid YYF Genesis. After collecting some cash , I got it and for the first time.... I felt that I could do anything with this yoyo ! My tricks that I usually missed is all hits ! I even tried speeding up with that yoyo. It was amazing....

So ladies and gentleman , here are the 8 signs that you should be investing in a yoyo :

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

28spin yoyo meet : 24th Jan 2015

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If you have nothing to do (or even if you do have plans) , how bout squeezing in a yoyo meeting in your busy schedule to relax and just have fun at 28spin Jaya One yoyo meet this coming Saturday. Its at 2pm till 4pm. This week will be 2A division, which means bring your looping yoyos and start learning how to do double loop. Psssstt , here is a little insight info... You might be able to win a legendary-authentic-superb proyo "looping" badge !! For more details , please visit 28spin at their Facebook page and do join their event ! 

A video to make you get into the zone

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Monday, January 19, 2015 Vlog : Marcus Koh

Hi readers ,

Last week , World Champion 2011 , Marcus Koh visited Kuala Lumpur and drop by Kedaiyoyo at Sungei Wang 6th floor. Owner of , Muhammad Shakeel has made a Vlog video of Marcus. So , let's not waste anymore time. This is Marcus Koh with his Auldey signature yoyo , Equilibrium.

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5 thing to look out for before a trade

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Back in Pokemon era , I used to trade quite alot of my precious cards for other better cards which I needed or just for collection wise. Well this goes the same for yoyos. I have a written an article on "8 signs you should invest in a yoyo" and if buying a yoyo will cost a fortune for you , then why not try trading for it. You can trade your yoyos within your yoyoing community or even outside of your country but with precautions of course.

Here are the 5 things that you should look out for before a trade :

Friday, January 16, 2015


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I have just received news that another Malaysia made yoyo will be out real soon. As for now , I do not have further news besides this video. I will keeping up an update, so stay tune !

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The journey (part 2)

The journey continues
Continued from "The Journey (part1)"
After I got my 888 , I thought to myself that I will never ever change to any yoyo because this yoyo is perfect. Plus Rm300 is not that easy to get for a college kid with no job. My first yoyo contest experience was in 200 with a speed in Sunway Pyramid ( that's a shopping mall in Malaysia by the way , extra info for any foreign people reading this ). I can still remember that was the first time I met Hiroyuki Suzuki. He came to Malaysia for this event and attending as a judge. This include Maya Nakamura ( or popularly known as Buko ). It was definitely a very very exciting and nervous moment for me. 

With no experience and a very limited amount of combos , I have 1 min to show what I got on the stage. Everyone is looking at me when I'm on the stage expecting me to pull of something amazing.... butttt.... as expected , my performance didn't go too well as what I have pictured it in my mind. 

After that , I started learning more and more tricks in-order to come up with new combo and I started joining more and more contest that was held in Malaysia. In 2010 , that was the first time I've attended Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2010 in Singapore. It's interesting for me because I have been hanging out with our local people all this while , but this time , I manage to talk to foreign people from Philippines, Singapore, Brunei , Japan. and Korea. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The journey (part 1)

I am going to share a little story about me , I started yoyoing back in 1999 when the first proyo season hit Malaysia. I got my very first yoyo by playmaxx from my brother that resides in Singapore. At that time , I have no idea that a yoyo could spin. So for me , this is just WOW . I'm sure you can understand this , imagine this , a kid that has always been playing with a 20cents yoyo from babu honking from house to house , this a revolutionary ! No idea what babu is ? Ask your parents. 

Anyways, I picked up some nifty basic tricks through internet and trust me , it ain't easy because there were only pictures. Pictures , ladies and gentleman. It's as if I just got my yoyo from IKEA and I am suppose to read the manual book to construct the basic tricks because we didn't had youtube back then except Video Tapes. So I kept practising with the yoyo that I got from my brother.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bearing removal

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I am very sorry that I have not been posting as frequent than before because I was battling a high fever for the past 5 days but anyways , I am back ! Slight cough but feeling much much better ^^

Sometimes when I overtighten my, it is very difficult for me to remove the bearing whenever I am about to clean my bearing or when I am trying to change my bearing. Back when I was still a junior player (in this case , I'm a Noob) , I forcefully removed the bearing by using a pair of Pliers , without any soft cloth covering the bearing and pry the bearing out. This could be the worst scenario to take out your bearing ladies and gentleman. 

Why ? Well , if you have tried this method before then take a look again at your bearing. You should be able to see a scar on the bearing , and the bearing might not be functioning properly.

Here are a few tips to remove the bearing properly without damaging it. 

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Vosun Yo-Yo Contest 2015

On the 10th of January 2015 , will be organizing Vosun Yoyo Contest 2015 at Sungei Wang , 6th Floor , Hong Kong street. Above is the trailer video and I only have one question for you. Are you ready ?

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Kendama Ninja

I know I am suppose to be posting about yoyos most of the time , but this video deserves more exposure and shares, seriously. I just got into kendama recently and it is because of this video , it got me hooked and I am exploring more and more videos to learn more tricks whenever I got the chance. Anyways , here is the video , if you like it , share it around , so enjoy.

P.S : I might be writing an article about Kendama someday , what do you think ? Good ? Bad ? Meh ~~~? Drop me a comment or a message on FB and I will see what I can do. 

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Health or Hazard ?

Hi readers,

A bandage is helpful for any yoyo players but sometimes , the damage might be a wee bit serious to put a bandage on. Yeap , yoyos do cause injuries to the player but pre-cautions can be exercised. It could either be because of the string stucked in the yoyo , or the yoyo bouncing off your hand and hit your face. The most common injuries a yoyo player can have is a hit to the face , finger cut due to dry skin cracks or everyone's favourite , string burns ~ Trust me when I say this , it freaking hurts but every scar that we have , its worth it. We take pride in this , just like a battle scar. 

However , this does not mean that every yoyo player is condemned to have injuries the moment they start picking up this hobby. We, as yoyo players , has taken steps to prevent from such injury and today , I will be sharing some tips to prevent you getting hit by the yoyo and string cuts while explaining the benefits of yoyoing too. You will be the judge , Health or Hazard.