Monday, June 29, 2015

That's a wrap, folks.

Hi readers,

AP2015 has officially ended yesterday. Congratulations to all of the champions for each of their respective division. Mad props to Iori Yamaki taking the title of champion for the Single A division. It was a really close battle between him and Ahmad Kharisma, which came in at second place and last but not least, 4 times world champion, Hiroyuki Suzuki (Mickey) is currently placed third for the Single A division.

If you have seen a different result , whereby Hiroyuki Suzuki is ranked 4th for AP, it has been noted in the official AP Facebook page that there was a miscalculation in the score sheets. Hence, as a rectification, he is currently ranked 3rd for AP2015. For more details, click here.

Too bad I wasn't able to make it for AP this year around but it definitely look like a fun, enjoyable and more relax event this year. Everybody had fun hanging out with each other. We have seen some new faces taking the stage to a whole new level this year. I hope that next year would be a much more exciting event. 

What will happen now is that, the champions are seeded for World Yoyo Contest 2015 , that will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan, in August.

I'm sure you are eager to know the score sheets, so take a look below.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship - Day 2

Hi readers,

I have just watched a few videos of AP 2015 and I must say this, I am really impress will all of the players that has made it to the final. We have yoyo baby , Kazuya Murata adoring people around him, we have Shu Takada, and not to forget , Kendama Pro Player , reprsenting KendamaUSA Dave Mateo is in the house !

 Just an update, our Malaysia National , Zafran Aqil will be competing tomorrow in his single A division and guess what, we have another Malaysian finalist that will go head to head with Asia's best yoyo players and his name is Ho Swee Jim. 

For the past 2 years, Ahmad Kharisma from Indonesia, representing Yoyorecreation has putting been up an amazing performance on the stage so far and I'm expecting crazy body binding, hand twisting and mind boggling combos again for this year. It will be an exciting event tomorrow and I am definitely pumped to see who is the champion for this year's Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2015. 

As for yesterday, one of my favorite yoyo player has blown the minds of spectators in Bugis+. He is the 12 times world champion for double A division and he is from Japan. Could you guess who is he ? He is no other than Shinji Saito !!

I am always a big fan of his 2A performance and I'm always captivated by his performance. The fluid motion and the way he controls his yoyos is just spectacular. Another idol of mine is Rei Iwakura. For now, I have not seen any pictures of him posted anywhere related to AP2015 but I really hope that he will be competing this year again.

There was a time that he made it just in time to compete for the finals and he was the champ for that year. Anyways, if any of you that is reading this is in Singapore right now. You would not want to miss this opportunity to meet the biggest players of Asia Pacific in Bugis+.

Tomorrow will be the final day of AP2015. This would be the day where everything would be decided on who will be the champions in their respective divisions. As a consolation, here is a video of Shinji Saito tearing up the stage today ! Enjoy !

Insane tricks by Shinji Saito

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Friday, June 26, 2015

AP 2015 first day

Hi readers,

Today marks the first day of AP 2015 in Singapore, Bugis+ Mall. To those of you that is competing today , once again , GOODLUCK ! Especially to our Malaysia representatives. 

To those of you that couldn't make it today , don't worry , there is a live stream going on right now and if you want to show your love and support, all you need to do is click here.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yoyofficer are back in stock !

Hi readers,

The most anticipated Hatchet 2 and Kilter 2 by Yoyofficer is now available at As an additional hype for you guys, whenever you purchase a Yoyofficer yoyo , you will be able to obtain a Rm10 rebate (discount) by keying in this code :

(valid from 25/06/2015 to 30/06/2015)

What I have right now is a Kilter 1 and I have been playing with it for the past few weeks, the difference between Kilter 2 and the predecessor yoyo is the obvious shape. It is much rounder now compared to the previous Kilter and by the looks of it , they are still maintaining that cosy hold on the yoyo. So far , based on my experience, the Kilter plays similar to the feel that you can get from Yoyojam Next Level. 

There is just something about the yoyo that has a very centered feeling to it. The side rims are not too thick and the inner part of the yoyo is thinner as usual. I will definitely recommend to get your very own Kilter from 28spin before stocks run out.

As for the Hatchet 2, I have not tried it hands-on at the moment , so I am just going to quote the description that I found on 28spin webstore.

"YOYOFFICER redesigned their popular Hatchet model to serve as their new flagship competition level yo-yo. It has always been a competition favorite among their team members and with the new design changes it is sure to be your favorite too! The Hatchet 2!The original Hatchet design was always popular so YOYOFFICER did not want to change it to drastically when designing the Hatchet 2. They kept the same dimensions but redistributed the weight to amp up performance. They cut down the center weight and pushed it out to the rims to give the Hatchet 2 improved stability and spin time while maintaining the perfect level of maneuverability. They also managed to reduce the weight a little which gives the new Hatchet 2 a slightly faster and even a little floatier feel on the string."
For more information in regards on the product , click here

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where to stay for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship ?

Hi readers ,

Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship is just 2 more days away (internally screaming) , ehem. Anyways, I know some of you are excited as I am and some of you could be more excited that me but have you figured out where to stay ? No ? Well, don't worry. Below are the list of hotels ranging from high-end hotels to budgeted back packer hotel that is near Bugis+ or near a MRT station for your convenient sake. Hopefully this will help you to budget for a proper hotel during your stay in Singapore.




You should be able to find the nearest MRT station from the hotel locations that I have indicated above. Otherwise, it will be a breeze walk for you from your hotel to the contest venue. Based on my experience, Singapore is a safe place to walk around during the day as well as night time. However , a precaution is always a good idea. Try not to walk alone after midnight hours but instead walk in pairs or in a group (but try not to block the road if you are walking in a huge group).

My personal choice would be "The Pod - Boutique Capsules" because it looks neat and fancy at an affordable price. Anyways, try and make new friends wherever you can, and if you are staying in a backpacker hostel/hotel, try to keep your voice down because there are other travellers getting their rest. Make sure your personal belongings is safely locked in the lockers provided or keep it close to you.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ramadan 2015

Hi readers,

Wyvern Strings would like to wish all of our muslim friends and customers a blessed Ramadan 2015. May your fasting period goes smoothly and any deeds performed during the Ramadan month will be 10th fold. 

Ramadan 2015
As a precaution for all yoyo players that is fasting , make sure you are properly dehydrated after Maghrib and try to minimise the amount of practise during the day. Reschedule your training time to night time instead. I know most of you are eager to compete for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2015 (AP2015) but your health comes first. Otherwise , your body will not be fit for the contest and this will affect your performance on the stage.

Plan your route to the contest venue to avoid long walking distance from your hotel to the venue. This is to avoid fatigue from the amount of walking and to conserve your energy to compete. 

Most important of all , have fun !!

Till next time,

Monday, June 15, 2015

Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2015

Hi readers ,

I'm pretty sure that most of you had been hearing all the buzz that is going on Facebook and other yoyoing social network including other blogs, BUT if you have no idea what it is, Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship is 2 weeks away !

What is this championship all about ?
It is one of the of the most anticipated yoyoing contest in the Asia Pacific region and it has been constantly held in Singapore. For the next 3 days of the event , participants will be competing for the title of Asia Pacific champion and a ticket to participate in the World Yoyo Contest 2015, Tokyo, Japan.

Competitors from 13 difference country ( Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, Brunei, and not forgetting Singapore ) will gather at one spot to battle out for the title of Champion in their respective division in the Asia Pacific region.

The contest is a 3 days event starting on the 26th of June to the 28th of June in BUGIS + , Singapore. Early bird registration fees is S$50 for one division and additional division would be an additional S$10 each. As for regular registration, it would be S$60 for one division and any additional division, S$10 per division.

AP2014 video clip

For further information in regards of the event including rules & regulation and competitor list , CLICK HERE

Our Malaysia Yoyo Championship has just ended recently and the champions will be seeded into the finals. So show your support to our Malaysian players and let's give them the strength to bring back the champion title.

Malaysia Representative :
Ahmad Dhamiri Nur (Dimi)
Muhammad Shakeel Mohd Rose (Shakeel)
Ewin Ee
Fa'iq Farisan Bin Nik Mohd Azmi
Low Jia Cheng
Toh Zhen Jian
Chew Zi Hao
Ho Swee Jim
Yap Chun Hang
Zafran Aqil
(current list as of 15/06/2015)

If you are still planning on where to stay , maybe this will be helpful for you.

To our muslim friends, its the ramadhan season, so stay hydrate before the contest and goodluck to everyone !

Till next time,