Monday, October 05, 2015

"Why so expensive ?"

In 12 years of my yo-yoing journey, I always come across parents telling their kids ,

"You don't know how to play"


"Aiyah, you buy so expensive for what ? Later we will buy at pasar malam"

What is pasar malam ? It is directly translates as night market. Similar to flea markets in certain countries. Whereby cheap yo-yos that is sold for RM3.00 , equivalent to USD$0.68 (give or take a few bucks due to currency changes). Do you see what is going on right here ?

Parents would not buy a yo-yo for their children that is eager to learn how to play with a yo-yo. From my first statement "You don't know how to play", it is obvious that the kid has zero or minimum knowledge about a yo-yo which triggers their curiosity, hence they would like to purchase a yo-yo. Why do they want it ? To learn my dear parents. They would like to explore the possibilities of a simple toy that goes up and down. This are Malaysian parents.

 As comparison to Singaporean parents, they would ask whether their children would want to buy and learn ? If the kid says yes, they would buy and request for assistance from the shopkeeper and without a doubt, the shopkeeper would teach. Parents would even send their kids to the shop on weekly basis, every Saturday, just learn the basics of yo-yoing.

It is totally understandable that the price of a yo-yo this days could be over the top but do understand this when I say that yo-yo is no longer made out of cheap plastics that you could buy off the "Roti man" honking around your neighbourhood. In this era, yo-yo materials are made out of high quality durable plastic that can withstand a certain amount of impact if it ever hits the ground. I am talking about a basic yo-yo that usually cost about Rm20 or Rm40.

As for the yo-yos made for a professional, it is commonly made out of aluminium grade 7075 or 6065. A yo-yo that is made out of aluminium have higher price compared to plastic yo-yos because instead of using plastic moldings to create the shape of the yo-yo, a huge CNC machine is needed to cut out the shape of a yo-yo from a cylinder of aluminium. This also includes the intangible skill of a machine operator to handle the machine and a group of yo-yo designers to design the shape of the yo-yo, whereby the aim is to produce a better performance yo-yo from the previous yo-yos made by a company. Hence the price of a high quality metal yo-yo could be within the range of Rm100 up to Rm800. Rest assure that your children do not need to upgrade to a high end yo-yo until he is recommended to do so based on the skills that he or she has by their instructor or yo-yo professionals.

This is a documentary produced by CLYW x ONEdrop in the making of "The Summit"

I used to be one of the kids waiting for my turn to buy a RM0.20 yo-yo , that doesn't spin. I feel satisfied and eager to learn even though it just goes up and down. We, as a yo-yo professional would like to expand the knowledge of yo-yo theories and fundamentals to the younger generations. If a parent would stop them from learning, how would they ever improve or gain a new skill in life ? Let's just say that it isn't a yo-yo , what about ballet ? Or piano ? Or inventing a new machine that could save million of lives ? Now imagine, what would happened, if you would have stopped them from learning something that they might be passionate about ?

The answer is, you may have stopped them from achieving greatness in the future.

Now ask yourself this, would you want your children be passionate about something that they could be great at ,


Would you rather stop them from learning something new and believe in the fact that they are not allowed to be out of their comfort zone and explore.

I shall leave that question to the father reading this, or to the mother reading this, or to the both of you.

(NOTE : We would like to point out that the choice to purchase a yoyo at a higher price is subject to the discretion of the parents to work within their budget. It does not mean that a parent is compulsory to purchase the yo-yo upon request.)

Feel free to drop me a message, or comment, or inquiry if you have any further questions that need to be clarified at

Till next time,

Friday, October 02, 2015

Wyvern Strings x SPIKE Kendama

We have been working on this project for about a month or so and we are finally proud to announce , our very first kendama , Wyvern Strings x SPIKE !!

Before that, here is a little introduction of SPIKE. What is SPIKE ? I am going to quote from their webpage on what SPIKE is all about. Just to avoid any confusion based on my own explantion.

"SPIKE kendama is a series of unique kendama targeted for the upcoming kendama community in Malaysia, it is partnered with Yoyoskeels originals."

"Run by Ewin EE and Muhammad Shakeel, SPIKE kendama has a wide range of products from the regular kendama, to the pill kendama, and to the jumbo kendama ever since it is established in 2014"

"SPIKE Kendama aims to become the best locally made and assembled high quality kendama and not forgetting the vision to spread the love of Kendama in Malaysia" 

Wyvern Strings was given the opportunity to work with SPIKE Kendama with the same vision and intention which is to spread the Kendama culture around Malaysia. 

The Kendama is made out of 100% walnut and based on what we were told, it is very rare to obtain a walnut material to produce a kendama out of it. It takes an enormous amount of skill work and dedication to the production of the Kendama.

The tama has a bright yellow colour to compliment the crazy grains on the ken as well as the sarado. It blends perfectly together. We are aware that "Balance" is everything for a kendama. Hence, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this kendama.

Currently there is only 30 pieces made and order can be made through or visit to place an order. Do not forget to mention Wyvern Strings to Kedaiyoyo or hashtag us in your instagram #wyvernstrings.

Till next time,

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Need a new yoyo ? Earn it

"That yo-yo looks so good ~ I wish I can buy it but I don't have the cash"

" Omg.... I wish I have more money to get that yoyo ! It looks so tempting !" 

Sounds familiar ? Trust me kids, I have been through what you are going through right now. You do not have sufficient amount of cash to buy a yo-yo that you desire the most and to make it worst, the yoyo is on discount but your parents still would not buy it for you. 

If you are thinking

"I can't buy it, so maybe I could try asking someone to give it to me" 

Then my dear friend, you have just dug your own grave. If you have not read my previous post on "It's a big NO NO", then I would highly recommend for you to read it first. However, if you had read it, then you should know by now that it is a bad move asking for a yo-yo from someone without making any effort obtaining a yo-yo.

So, in order to help you guys out, I will be listing my very own top 10 ideas for you to get that extra income to purchase the yo-yo that you have always wanted. Do take note that the idea contributed here varies by age and by your current location.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How professional are you to be considered professional ?

Hi readers,


That is something that you hear everyday whenever a person comes up to you and ask how long have you been playing with the yoyo. You will be telling them "oh , I have been a yoyo professional for almost a year" or 3 years or 25 years BUT what does it mean to be a yoyo professional ?

Is it the age factor ?

Is it the years of experience factor ?


Whether a person is sponsored by a yoyo company is considered as a professional ?

The truth my friend, there is no proper guidelines to determine who is a yoyo professional or not. I have been playing with the yoyo at the age of 10 and that would be 17 years of experience in total. I could be calling myself a yoyo master but on contrary, I still have doubts branding myself as a yoyo professional. To me, it is similar to the education system, it is a never ending learning process.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Yoyofficer Yo-yo Contest 2015

Hi readers ,

On the 25th of July 2015, will be organising a yoyo contest, presenting Yoyofficer and the event will be taking place in Sungei Wang Plaza , Concourse Level. As far as my understanding, there will be one main division, which is Single A (1A) Division and a few other exciting side divisions.

A little introduction of Yoyofficer

What is Yoyofficer ?
Yoyofficer, properly pronounced as Yoyo Officer, is a professional yoyo manufacturer from China and it was incorporated in the month of April 2012. Their yoyos are created with the aim to provide the smoothest anodization out in the market and by incorporating excellent design at a reasonable price that's suitable for all ages to purchase it any part of the world.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

2006 - 2015

Hi readers,

I've always enjoyed going for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship and thankfully I manage to go for 3 of it. It isn't much but I have met many new yoyo players that I eventually could call friends. It is amazing how people have improved throughout the years. Anyways, unfortunately I was not able to attend this year's AP but on the good side, Brian Low from Singapore has released his own edit of AP and it is really entertaining. 

First , lets have a little flashback. The video below is the main reason why I wanted to compete in yoyo events and have the desperation to attend AP in 2009. 

This video is made by Ian Poh

Next video is how everyone has improved and grown up. Even though it is at a different place with newer competitor face involved, the fun never ends. Once you have watched this , you will understand why I always have the urge to go for AP every year.





Till next time,

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Yoyo Ranger - MAFIA

Hi readers,

There is a buzz going around Facebook and I have just came across the latest yoyo made in Malaysia by Stanley Low Jia Cheng, founder of Team Tr-Yo, and he is from Terengganu. This yoyo goes by the name of Yoyo Ranger.

What you are looking at is the latest signature series of Ryan Han, Sarawak's very own yoyo mafia.
Ryan Han is the founder of Sarawak Yo-Blitz team and he has been educating Sarawak's younger generation to compete nationally and internationally.

 I have tried playing with this yoyo and I must say that I'm impress with the performance of this yoyo. It is slightly lighter than what it looks like but it is stable. The beadblasted surfaces makes it easier for finger grinding tricks or finger spin tricks. I would love to get my hands on it someday and maybe I could elaborate more on the feel of the yoyo but for now, below are the yoyo's specs that I have obtained directly from Stanley.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Malaysia Rep

Hi readers ,

AP2015 has just ended and all of our Malaysia's representative are now back home. I would like to say that I am very proud of all our Malaysian player that went up on the stage and put up a good show. Those of you that did not make it to the finals, don't feel down because this is not the end. Hei , you guys are competing against the best in Asia. That's definitely something to be proud of.

Anyways, so far I could only obtain two videos of our Malaysians that made it through to the finals which is Zafran Aqil and Ho Swee Jim. I have not seen any video from Dimi nor Azrul posted on Facebook yet but once I am able to find the link, I would definitely post it here for you guys to see it. 

I have included a video of Zafran and Jim below for your viewing. The reason that Zafran looks really tense is because the pressure going up against Asia's best could be overwhelming. Hence the lack of smile, but off the stage, he is the best chap to talk to in any yoyo event. 

Representing Yoyofactory Malaysia

As for Jim, mind twisting combos that he puts up on stage is just amazing. After going through preliminary round against 150 other player from 13 different countries, I can't even describe the amount of time dedication, practising to compete and this is the result, you have to see it for yourself to know what I am talking bout. 

If you guys like what you see, feel free to send them greetings, kisses, hugs, your best wishes, fan mail, love letters, or just plain friend request on their Facebook  ! I'm pretty sure they are more than delighted to have more fans

Till next time,

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ease of accomodation

Hi readers,

What's important for most yoyo players that travels overseas for a yoyo contest ? Money ? Well , yeah , thats partially true. I would say accommodation would be the answer. It is part of my experience to hunt for hotels that provides the best price to stay closest to the contest venue or atleast somewhere appropriate and it is troublesome to go through google to search for it.

Looking through google for a hotel one by one can be a real hassle. So, we would like to make your life much easier. Without going through the hassle looking through google, this blog has place a search engine to look for a hotel on your next destination. 

I always have the thought that "how great it is if we could just book it directly from a link that is prepared in the blog / forum / yoyo website". That's how I came up with this.

Monday, June 29, 2015

That's a wrap, folks.

Hi readers,

AP2015 has officially ended yesterday. Congratulations to all of the champions for each of their respective division. Mad props to Iori Yamaki taking the title of champion for the Single A division. It was a really close battle between him and Ahmad Kharisma, which came in at second place and last but not least, 4 times world champion, Hiroyuki Suzuki (Mickey) is currently placed third for the Single A division.

If you have seen a different result , whereby Hiroyuki Suzuki is ranked 4th for AP, it has been noted in the official AP Facebook page that there was a miscalculation in the score sheets. Hence, as a rectification, he is currently ranked 3rd for AP2015. For more details, click here.

Too bad I wasn't able to make it for AP this year around but it definitely look like a fun, enjoyable and more relax event this year. Everybody had fun hanging out with each other. We have seen some new faces taking the stage to a whole new level this year. I hope that next year would be a much more exciting event. 

What will happen now is that, the champions are seeded for World Yoyo Contest 2015 , that will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan, in August.

I'm sure you are eager to know the score sheets, so take a look below.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship - Day 2

Hi readers,

I have just watched a few videos of AP 2015 and I must say this, I am really impress will all of the players that has made it to the final. We have yoyo baby , Kazuya Murata adoring people around him, we have Shu Takada, and not to forget , Kendama Pro Player , reprsenting KendamaUSA Dave Mateo is in the house !

 Just an update, our Malaysia National , Zafran Aqil will be competing tomorrow in his single A division and guess what, we have another Malaysian finalist that will go head to head with Asia's best yoyo players and his name is Ho Swee Jim. 

For the past 2 years, Ahmad Kharisma from Indonesia, representing Yoyorecreation has putting been up an amazing performance on the stage so far and I'm expecting crazy body binding, hand twisting and mind boggling combos again for this year. It will be an exciting event tomorrow and I am definitely pumped to see who is the champion for this year's Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2015. 

As for yesterday, one of my favorite yoyo player has blown the minds of spectators in Bugis+. He is the 12 times world champion for double A division and he is from Japan. Could you guess who is he ? He is no other than Shinji Saito !!

I am always a big fan of his 2A performance and I'm always captivated by his performance. The fluid motion and the way he controls his yoyos is just spectacular. Another idol of mine is Rei Iwakura. For now, I have not seen any pictures of him posted anywhere related to AP2015 but I really hope that he will be competing this year again.

There was a time that he made it just in time to compete for the finals and he was the champ for that year. Anyways, if any of you that is reading this is in Singapore right now. You would not want to miss this opportunity to meet the biggest players of Asia Pacific in Bugis+.

Tomorrow will be the final day of AP2015. This would be the day where everything would be decided on who will be the champions in their respective divisions. As a consolation, here is a video of Shinji Saito tearing up the stage today ! Enjoy !

Insane tricks by Shinji Saito

Till next time,

Friday, June 26, 2015

AP 2015 first day

Hi readers,

Today marks the first day of AP 2015 in Singapore, Bugis+ Mall. To those of you that is competing today , once again , GOODLUCK ! Especially to our Malaysia representatives. 

To those of you that couldn't make it today , don't worry , there is a live stream going on right now and if you want to show your love and support, all you need to do is click here.

Till next time,

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yoyofficer are back in stock !

Hi readers,

The most anticipated Hatchet 2 and Kilter 2 by Yoyofficer is now available at As an additional hype for you guys, whenever you purchase a Yoyofficer yoyo , you will be able to obtain a Rm10 rebate (discount) by keying in this code :

(valid from 25/06/2015 to 30/06/2015)

What I have right now is a Kilter 1 and I have been playing with it for the past few weeks, the difference between Kilter 2 and the predecessor yoyo is the obvious shape. It is much rounder now compared to the previous Kilter and by the looks of it , they are still maintaining that cosy hold on the yoyo. So far , based on my experience, the Kilter plays similar to the feel that you can get from Yoyojam Next Level. 

There is just something about the yoyo that has a very centered feeling to it. The side rims are not too thick and the inner part of the yoyo is thinner as usual. I will definitely recommend to get your very own Kilter from 28spin before stocks run out.

As for the Hatchet 2, I have not tried it hands-on at the moment , so I am just going to quote the description that I found on 28spin webstore.

"YOYOFFICER redesigned their popular Hatchet model to serve as their new flagship competition level yo-yo. It has always been a competition favorite among their team members and with the new design changes it is sure to be your favorite too! The Hatchet 2!The original Hatchet design was always popular so YOYOFFICER did not want to change it to drastically when designing the Hatchet 2. They kept the same dimensions but redistributed the weight to amp up performance. They cut down the center weight and pushed it out to the rims to give the Hatchet 2 improved stability and spin time while maintaining the perfect level of maneuverability. They also managed to reduce the weight a little which gives the new Hatchet 2 a slightly faster and even a little floatier feel on the string."
For more information in regards on the product , click here

Till next time,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where to stay for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship ?

Hi readers ,

Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship is just 2 more days away (internally screaming) , ehem. Anyways, I know some of you are excited as I am and some of you could be more excited that me but have you figured out where to stay ? No ? Well, don't worry. Below are the list of hotels ranging from high-end hotels to budgeted back packer hotel that is near Bugis+ or near a MRT station for your convenient sake. Hopefully this will help you to budget for a proper hotel during your stay in Singapore.




You should be able to find the nearest MRT station from the hotel locations that I have indicated above. Otherwise, it will be a breeze walk for you from your hotel to the contest venue. Based on my experience, Singapore is a safe place to walk around during the day as well as night time. However , a precaution is always a good idea. Try not to walk alone after midnight hours but instead walk in pairs or in a group (but try not to block the road if you are walking in a huge group).

My personal choice would be "The Pod - Boutique Capsules" because it looks neat and fancy at an affordable price. Anyways, try and make new friends wherever you can, and if you are staying in a backpacker hostel/hotel, try to keep your voice down because there are other travellers getting their rest. Make sure your personal belongings is safely locked in the lockers provided or keep it close to you.

Till next time,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ramadan 2015

Hi readers,

Wyvern Strings would like to wish all of our muslim friends and customers a blessed Ramadan 2015. May your fasting period goes smoothly and any deeds performed during the Ramadan month will be 10th fold. 

Ramadan 2015
As a precaution for all yoyo players that is fasting , make sure you are properly dehydrated after Maghrib and try to minimise the amount of practise during the day. Reschedule your training time to night time instead. I know most of you are eager to compete for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2015 (AP2015) but your health comes first. Otherwise , your body will not be fit for the contest and this will affect your performance on the stage.

Plan your route to the contest venue to avoid long walking distance from your hotel to the venue. This is to avoid fatigue from the amount of walking and to conserve your energy to compete. 

Most important of all , have fun !!

Till next time,

Monday, June 15, 2015

Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2015

Hi readers ,

I'm pretty sure that most of you had been hearing all the buzz that is going on Facebook and other yoyoing social network including other blogs, BUT if you have no idea what it is, Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship is 2 weeks away !

What is this championship all about ?
It is one of the of the most anticipated yoyoing contest in the Asia Pacific region and it has been constantly held in Singapore. For the next 3 days of the event , participants will be competing for the title of Asia Pacific champion and a ticket to participate in the World Yoyo Contest 2015, Tokyo, Japan.

Competitors from 13 difference country ( Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, Brunei, and not forgetting Singapore ) will gather at one spot to battle out for the title of Champion in their respective division in the Asia Pacific region.

The contest is a 3 days event starting on the 26th of June to the 28th of June in BUGIS + , Singapore. Early bird registration fees is S$50 for one division and additional division would be an additional S$10 each. As for regular registration, it would be S$60 for one division and any additional division, S$10 per division.

AP2014 video clip

For further information in regards of the event including rules & regulation and competitor list , CLICK HERE

Our Malaysia Yoyo Championship has just ended recently and the champions will be seeded into the finals. So show your support to our Malaysian players and let's give them the strength to bring back the champion title.

Malaysia Representative :
Ahmad Dhamiri Nur (Dimi)
Muhammad Shakeel Mohd Rose (Shakeel)
Ewin Ee
Fa'iq Farisan Bin Nik Mohd Azmi
Low Jia Cheng
Toh Zhen Jian
Chew Zi Hao
Ho Swee Jim
Yap Chun Hang
Zafran Aqil
(current list as of 15/06/2015)

If you are still planning on where to stay , maybe this will be helpful for you.

To our muslim friends, its the ramadhan season, so stay hydrate before the contest and goodluck to everyone !

Till next time,

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Malaysia Yo-yo Championship 2015 (MYYC 2015)

"Malaysian Yo-Yo Championship (MYYC) is an annual competition organized by the Malaysian Yo-Yo community since it was established back in 2005. This year, MYYC will be held on 30th May 2015 and 31st May 2015 at the Level 3 of Lot 10 shopping complex in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. MYYC serves as a platform in searching for the best national yoyo player in different divisions. The yo-yoing sport had evolved into 4 different types of division, which are 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A (Off-String) and 5A (Freehand) Division. Hence, the champion of each division will be automatically absorbed as seeded players and as the Malaysian Representatives at the upcoming Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championship which will be held in Singapore and the World Yo-Yo Contest which will be held in Japan."

The Malaysia Yo-yo Association will be organising the Malaysia's National annual contest on the 30th of May to the 31st of May in the heart of Kuala Lumpur , Lot 10 Bukit Bintang , Level 3. Dear visitors , don't forget to jot down both of these dates in your busy schedule for this grand event of the year and to all contestants , practise hard ! You will be awarded with awesome prizes and there can only be one champion !

IQ Raub Technology
Dement Clothing Co

Who will be the next National Champion ? Who will be seeded representing Malaysia in the Asia Pacific yoyo contest 2015 ? Will it be you ? JOIN and compete for the title !!

For registration , CLICK HERE

For more details on the event , CLICK HERE or visit

Till next time ,

Friday, April 24, 2015

Its a big NO NO !

Hi readers ,

I recently came across on a post in one of the kendama group on Facebook, whereby a boy was asking whether is there anyone that is willing to give / donate to him a Homegrown , SWEETS. Now , as to my understanding this Kendama is not that cheap, at the price of Rm361 or slightly higher depending on which wood it is made of.

Now, the issue is that this kid owns quite alot of other expensive kendamas and yet he is asking for another kendama for free with the reason that he really wants it. For obvious reasons, his request got rejected by the community in that group. Well buddy , tough luck.

I have never encountered such request for kendamas before but I did experience it with a yoyo. I understand that kids would like to try their luck by asking whether is there any kind soul that is willing to give a yoyo for free but there are reasons why a yoyo player would not give his yoyo to you when you request it.

So Im going to list down 3 reasons why a yoyo player would not give you a yoyo when you request for one.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

5 Do's and Don'ts in any yoyo event !

Hi readers ,

I have attended various yo-yo events and its either here in Malaysia or in Singapore for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship. It would be lucky if I can go for World Yoyo Contest someday. Anyways , that isn't the main point that I am trying to convey. What I am trying to say that there are certain rules that aren't written anywhere but it is a common courtesy for all us , as competitors and yo-yo players , to follow this rules.

No idea what is it ? Here are the 5 Do's and Don'ts in any yo-yo event :

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Do you have a yoyo that spins really long ?

Hi readers,

I was browsing through my Facebook and I came across a status from a friend from Brunei ( HI STUART !!) , ehem. Anyways , he got asked a couple of times from first timer spinners or beginner level yoyo players :

"Do you have a yo-yo that spins really long ?"

I have encountered such question before whenever I am doing a yo-yo demo or during a yo-yo meet and to me , it is really common. Kids, you do have a valid question and I do not mind letting you know that YES , we all have yo-yos that spins really long but this is because of the modern technology that is installed in the yo-yo. 

This modern technology is not some rocket science that makes the yo-yo spins really long , but instead it is just an ordinary Ball Bearing which was installed in most modern yo-yos. 

What are modern yo-yos ?
This are the yo-yos that are currently available in the market that does not use the traditional wooden axle as their spinning mechanism.

However, the spin time of a yo-yo does not solely depend on the type of bearing used, but instead , your throw down plays a role too. If you throw it harder, the faster it will spin. You will definitely get a longer spin time compared to softer throws. Do keep in mind that , the harder you throw , the chances for your string to snap is greater.

Now, in our perspective , and by "our" , I am referring to all senior yo-yo players especially to those that competes , do not need a yo-yo that spins too long. 


It is because of the combos that we do. When the yo-yo is moving around during combos is performed, there will be more friction between the yo-yo's wall with the string, which will decrease the spin time of the yo-yo. The longer your combination of tricks, the yo-yo spin time will be slower. This is common and we need to catch the yo-yo to complete the combo. To start a new combo, a new throw must be performed. So there is no need for a long spinning yo-yo for us. 

The only reason that you would want a yo-yo that spins really long is for a "Long Sleeper" contest. Then yes, you might need to throw the yoyo harder to make it spin faster. Another factor is the yo-yo's weights. I have explain the concept of weight rings and here is the link for your reference :
"Weight Rings & Side Effects"

My advice is that you do not need a yo-yo that spins too long because you will be doing a more intricate combos when you have reached the level of a pro. Just learn how to throw a Long Sleeper and a Breakaway properly. Its the basics that will determine your throw.

If you have further enquiries , do not hesitate to drop us a comment here or send me a message at

Till next time ,

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ding ! Ding ! Ding !!!!!

Hi readers ,

DING !!!!!

Worst sound for any yo-yo player in the whole wide world (well unless you are sponsored and gets free yo-yos everyday) . Ladies and gentleman , readers, kids , kittens , aliens ..... that is the sound of a yo-yo hitting on a hard surface. As a prize, there is a huge scratch mark on your yo-yo. 

So what do you do ?


Just perform a rim repair on the yo-yo. How ? I have attached a video that shows you how to do a rim repair step by step.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Your opinion matters

Hi there ,

I have been thinking about this for awhile now but I would like to know what are your thoughts and opinions. I am considering to blog about kendama. I just started playing with the kendama early 2013 but didn't really played with it till last year 2014. So I am wondering whether will it be good for me to fill in the details of Kendama body structure , combination of tricks concepts , videos and even player highlights of the month. 

This is a kendama by the way

and that's me !

Anyways this is just an idea and I would like to test the water. I would appreciate if you guys leave a comment down here for me and you guys get to decide on this since you are the readers and without you guys , this blog will not be running till today , so thank you in advance.

If there is anything else you want to add or any other suggestions , do drop me an email at or just go to "contact us"

Till next time,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Angel-Yo : Yo-yo class

Hi readers ,

If you have read my previous post titled "The Journey (part 1)" , you are aware that I have been playing with the yoyo since 1999. In the recent years, based on my observation that yo-yo players in Malaysia has the potential and the skills to do complicated string tricks but sometimes they are lacking the basics. 

So I came up with a plan to set up a yo-yo academy , thus the birth of Angel-Yo. The main reason for it's existence is to educate younger generation of yo-yo players about the basic fundamental of a yo-yo , which includes, yoyo maintenance, string maintenance, 30 basic tricks, and yo-yoing ethics.

It doesn't just stop there once the student has completed their basic level. They are eligible to move up all the way to a professional level , whereby they will be able to choose they own division to be an expert on. A professional yo-yo player that has represented Malaysia, competing at Asia Pacific Yoyo championship and World Yoyo Contest , will be your mentor.

Why would the student need a mentor ? It's simple. It is totally a different feel playing on the stage in-front of the judges with clickers, competing with world class standard players for the champion title, compared to playing in your own room or with friends.

We will teach you how to overcome your stage fright, stage presentation, and combos composition.


I am going to need your help to make this happen. I'm going to be honest with you. I do not have the sufficient fund to make this happen. I have set up a crowdfunding on Indiegogo and I am hoping the readers or anyone that is looking at this blog right now to contribute any amount that you can in-order for me to make this happen. It is purely voluntary to donate and the details is in the following link :

My goal is to make yo-yoing as part and parcel of every school's / college's extra curriculum in Malaysia. Angel-yo has set up a syllabus that serves as a guideline to teach the students.

For further enquiry , please feel free to drop me a message at or message us at Angel-yo Facebook page.

Till next time,

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A little lubrication goes a long way

Hi readers ,

Yes yes , I know , I have been away for a very very long time. Please accept my humble apologies. I have written something similar to what I am about to write today but unfortunately that website is down and I could not retrieve back what I have written before.

Yo-yo bearing plays a huge roll in a yo-yo. As I have mention before , without the bearing , a yo-yo is just a piece of metal screwed together and tied at the end of the string. Which technically doesn't serve any purpose unless its a fixed axle yo-yo. A proper maintenance for a bearing is crucial. Therefore proper lube for different type of bearings is a must know knowledge for any yoyo player.


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Sydney - 8th of March 2015

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It is going to be an exciting week because , guess what , I am going to be in Sydney ! From the 4th of March 2015 till the 9th of March. I will be meeting up with a friend , Reggie & some of the yoyo players on the 8th of March. So , Sydney players , don't be shy , come up to me and ask for free string samples. I will be more than happy to hand out some Wyvern Strings to you ! As for the time and place , I will be updating more info once I am there. Do not forget to check out our FB page for more update and info. CLICK HERE

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year !!

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I know that it is still a little bit too early but I won't be able to update this blog once the Chinese New year festive is taking place. So , on behalf of Wyvern Strings , we would like to wish all of our customers , readers and supporters , 


Chinese New Year decorations

May the year of the Goat bring you lots and lots and lots of fortune , health and wealth throughout the entire year !! Have a blast celebrating the auspicious chinese new year , have fun during your chinese new year family reunion dinner and to those that will be travelling long distance journey , have a safe flight / drive / train journey back home !

Wyvern Strings will be back in business after the 26th of February 2015

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Wyvern Strings

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weight rings and Side effects.

A yoyo weight distribution is considered as one of the major factor to determine whether the yoyo is good or not. Just imagine that you're wielding a sword, if there isn't a proper calibration between the material used and the weight distribution during forging, the sword will be deemed inappropriate for combat as it might break due to the poor forging. This goes the same for a yoyo. If the weight distribution is not proper, the yoyo will wobble during play , otherwise known as vibe. A yoyo with a slight vibe is still playable , but if the vibe is too severe , therefore the yoyo will be deemed as a damage yoyo.

 Yoyo players are constantly complaining and are unsatisfied with some yoyos due to it's weight. Don't get me wrong , they love the yoyo design but certain yoyos are too heavy and some of them are too light for their taste. The design is perfect, it fits nicely in the hand, the catch is good and it plays really well but due to it's weight, players have the tendency of loosing control of the yoyo. 

So what are the steps taken to fine tune a yoyo's weight ?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

8 signs you should invest in a yoyo

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Do you remember the time when you are so clingy to one particular yoyo that you refuse to change ? I have my moments. I remember that I was using an 888 yoyofactory and to me, that was the best yoyo and there is nothing else that could replace it. PFFFT , it has hubstacks yo ! (pun not intended) , What other yoyo that could beat that ?? Owh boy, I was wrong. 

Yoyos are constantly improving each day with a slight modification to their body designs and other special features installed in a yoyo. It gives the yoyo a different feel and a different play style. You see, I didn't know this back then. So, I faithfully stick to my precious 888 for 2 years. One day , I saw this awesome looking purple acid YYF Genesis. After collecting some cash , I got it and for the first time.... I felt that I could do anything with this yoyo ! My tricks that I usually missed is all hits ! I even tried speeding up with that yoyo. It was amazing....

So ladies and gentleman , here are the 8 signs that you should be investing in a yoyo :

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

28spin yoyo meet : 24th Jan 2015

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If you have nothing to do (or even if you do have plans) , how bout squeezing in a yoyo meeting in your busy schedule to relax and just have fun at 28spin Jaya One yoyo meet this coming Saturday. Its at 2pm till 4pm. This week will be 2A division, which means bring your looping yoyos and start learning how to do double loop. Psssstt , here is a little insight info... You might be able to win a legendary-authentic-superb proyo "looping" badge !! For more details , please visit 28spin at their Facebook page and do join their event ! 

A video to make you get into the zone

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Monday, January 19, 2015 Vlog : Marcus Koh

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Last week , World Champion 2011 , Marcus Koh visited Kuala Lumpur and drop by Kedaiyoyo at Sungei Wang 6th floor. Owner of , Muhammad Shakeel has made a Vlog video of Marcus. So , let's not waste anymore time. This is Marcus Koh with his Auldey signature yoyo , Equilibrium.

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Wyvern Strings

5 thing to look out for before a trade

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Back in Pokemon era , I used to trade quite alot of my precious cards for other better cards which I needed or just for collection wise. Well this goes the same for yoyos. I have a written an article on "8 signs you should invest in a yoyo" and if buying a yoyo will cost a fortune for you , then why not try trading for it. You can trade your yoyos within your yoyoing community or even outside of your country but with precautions of course.

Here are the 5 things that you should look out for before a trade :

Friday, January 16, 2015


Hi there ,

I have just received news that another Malaysia made yoyo will be out real soon. As for now , I do not have further news besides this video. I will keeping up an update, so stay tune !

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The journey (part 2)

The journey continues
Continued from "The Journey (part1)"
After I got my 888 , I thought to myself that I will never ever change to any yoyo because this yoyo is perfect. Plus Rm300 is not that easy to get for a college kid with no job. My first yoyo contest experience was in 200 with a speed in Sunway Pyramid ( that's a shopping mall in Malaysia by the way , extra info for any foreign people reading this ). I can still remember that was the first time I met Hiroyuki Suzuki. He came to Malaysia for this event and attending as a judge. This include Maya Nakamura ( or popularly known as Buko ). It was definitely a very very exciting and nervous moment for me. 

With no experience and a very limited amount of combos , I have 1 min to show what I got on the stage. Everyone is looking at me when I'm on the stage expecting me to pull of something amazing.... butttt.... as expected , my performance didn't go too well as what I have pictured it in my mind. 

After that , I started learning more and more tricks in-order to come up with new combo and I started joining more and more contest that was held in Malaysia. In 2010 , that was the first time I've attended Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2010 in Singapore. It's interesting for me because I have been hanging out with our local people all this while , but this time , I manage to talk to foreign people from Philippines, Singapore, Brunei , Japan. and Korea. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The journey (part 1)

I am going to share a little story about me , I started yoyoing back in 1999 when the first proyo season hit Malaysia. I got my very first yoyo by playmaxx from my brother that resides in Singapore. At that time , I have no idea that a yoyo could spin. So for me , this is just WOW . I'm sure you can understand this , imagine this , a kid that has always been playing with a 20cents yoyo from babu honking from house to house , this a revolutionary ! No idea what babu is ? Ask your parents. 

Anyways, I picked up some nifty basic tricks through internet and trust me , it ain't easy because there were only pictures. Pictures , ladies and gentleman. It's as if I just got my yoyo from IKEA and I am suppose to read the manual book to construct the basic tricks because we didn't had youtube back then except Video Tapes. So I kept practising with the yoyo that I got from my brother.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bearing removal

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I am very sorry that I have not been posting as frequent than before because I was battling a high fever for the past 5 days but anyways , I am back ! Slight cough but feeling much much better ^^

Sometimes when I overtighten my, it is very difficult for me to remove the bearing whenever I am about to clean my bearing or when I am trying to change my bearing. Back when I was still a junior player (in this case , I'm a Noob) , I forcefully removed the bearing by using a pair of Pliers , without any soft cloth covering the bearing and pry the bearing out. This could be the worst scenario to take out your bearing ladies and gentleman. 

Why ? Well , if you have tried this method before then take a look again at your bearing. You should be able to see a scar on the bearing , and the bearing might not be functioning properly.

Here are a few tips to remove the bearing properly without damaging it. 

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Vosun Yo-Yo Contest 2015

On the 10th of January 2015 , will be organizing Vosun Yoyo Contest 2015 at Sungei Wang , 6th Floor , Hong Kong street. Above is the trailer video and I only have one question for you. Are you ready ?

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Kendama Ninja

I know I am suppose to be posting about yoyos most of the time , but this video deserves more exposure and shares, seriously. I just got into kendama recently and it is because of this video , it got me hooked and I am exploring more and more videos to learn more tricks whenever I got the chance. Anyways , here is the video , if you like it , share it around , so enjoy.

P.S : I might be writing an article about Kendama someday , what do you think ? Good ? Bad ? Meh ~~~? Drop me a comment or a message on FB and I will see what I can do. 

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Health or Hazard ?

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A bandage is helpful for any yoyo players but sometimes , the damage might be a wee bit serious to put a bandage on. Yeap , yoyos do cause injuries to the player but pre-cautions can be exercised. It could either be because of the string stucked in the yoyo , or the yoyo bouncing off your hand and hit your face. The most common injuries a yoyo player can have is a hit to the face , finger cut due to dry skin cracks or everyone's favourite , string burns ~ Trust me when I say this , it freaking hurts but every scar that we have , its worth it. We take pride in this , just like a battle scar. 

However , this does not mean that every yoyo player is condemned to have injuries the moment they start picking up this hobby. We, as yoyo players , has taken steps to prevent from such injury and today , I will be sharing some tips to prevent you getting hit by the yoyo and string cuts while explaining the benefits of yoyoing too. You will be the judge , Health or Hazard.