Thursday, July 09, 2015

Yoyofficer Yo-yo Contest 2015

Hi readers ,

On the 25th of July 2015, will be organising a yoyo contest, presenting Yoyofficer and the event will be taking place in Sungei Wang Plaza , Concourse Level. As far as my understanding, there will be one main division, which is Single A (1A) Division and a few other exciting side divisions.

A little introduction of Yoyofficer

What is Yoyofficer ?
Yoyofficer, properly pronounced as Yoyo Officer, is a professional yoyo manufacturer from China and it was incorporated in the month of April 2012. Their yoyos are created with the aim to provide the smoothest anodization out in the market and by incorporating excellent design at a reasonable price that's suitable for all ages to purchase it any part of the world.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

2006 - 2015

Hi readers,

I've always enjoyed going for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship and thankfully I manage to go for 3 of it. It isn't much but I have met many new yoyo players that I eventually could call friends. It is amazing how people have improved throughout the years. Anyways, unfortunately I was not able to attend this year's AP but on the good side, Brian Low from Singapore has released his own edit of AP and it is really entertaining. 

First , lets have a little flashback. The video below is the main reason why I wanted to compete in yoyo events and have the desperation to attend AP in 2009. 

This video is made by Ian Poh

Next video is how everyone has improved and grown up. Even though it is at a different place with newer competitor face involved, the fun never ends. Once you have watched this , you will understand why I always have the urge to go for AP every year.





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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Yoyo Ranger - MAFIA

Hi readers,

There is a buzz going around Facebook and I have just came across the latest yoyo made in Malaysia by Stanley Low Jia Cheng, founder of Team Tr-Yo, and he is from Terengganu. This yoyo goes by the name of Yoyo Ranger.

What you are looking at is the latest signature series of Ryan Han, Sarawak's very own yoyo mafia.
Ryan Han is the founder of Sarawak Yo-Blitz team and he has been educating Sarawak's younger generation to compete nationally and internationally.

 I have tried playing with this yoyo and I must say that I'm impress with the performance of this yoyo. It is slightly lighter than what it looks like but it is stable. The beadblasted surfaces makes it easier for finger grinding tricks or finger spin tricks. I would love to get my hands on it someday and maybe I could elaborate more on the feel of the yoyo but for now, below are the yoyo's specs that I have obtained directly from Stanley.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Malaysia Rep

Hi readers ,

AP2015 has just ended and all of our Malaysia's representative are now back home. I would like to say that I am very proud of all our Malaysian player that went up on the stage and put up a good show. Those of you that did not make it to the finals, don't feel down because this is not the end. Hei , you guys are competing against the best in Asia. That's definitely something to be proud of.

Anyways, so far I could only obtain two videos of our Malaysians that made it through to the finals which is Zafran Aqil and Ho Swee Jim. I have not seen any video from Dimi nor Azrul posted on Facebook yet but once I am able to find the link, I would definitely post it here for you guys to see it. 

I have included a video of Zafran and Jim below for your viewing. The reason that Zafran looks really tense is because the pressure going up against Asia's best could be overwhelming. Hence the lack of smile, but off the stage, he is the best chap to talk to in any yoyo event. 

Representing Yoyofactory Malaysia

As for Jim, mind twisting combos that he puts up on stage is just amazing. After going through preliminary round against 150 other player from 13 different countries, I can't even describe the amount of time dedication, practising to compete and this is the result, you have to see it for yourself to know what I am talking bout. 

If you guys like what you see, feel free to send them greetings, kisses, hugs, your best wishes, fan mail, love letters, or just plain friend request on their Facebook  ! I'm pretty sure they are more than delighted to have more fans

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ease of accomodation

Hi readers,

What's important for most yoyo players that travels overseas for a yoyo contest ? Money ? Well , yeah , thats partially true. I would say accommodation would be the answer. It is part of my experience to hunt for hotels that provides the best price to stay closest to the contest venue or atleast somewhere appropriate and it is troublesome to go through google to search for it.

Looking through google for a hotel one by one can be a real hassle. So, we would like to make your life much easier. Without going through the hassle looking through google, this blog has place a search engine to look for a hotel on your next destination. 

I always have the thought that "how great it is if we could just book it directly from a link that is prepared in the blog / forum / yoyo website". That's how I came up with this.