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Wyvern Strings was established by Adam Hamzah back in June 2014 in Malaysia. I have been playing with the yoyo since 1998. I was taught by a friend from Sarawak , Victor Ang , on how to make strings and I have always wanted to do my own business. Hence , the birth of Wyvern Strings.

Why Wyvern ?
I was born in the year of the Dragon (1988) and I have always looked up to this Mythical creature for their strong , wise , destructive, speed, hot fire breath and leadership characteristic. I had some opinions from other yoyo players on what name I should give to this strings. I search through the internet for a different name besides Dragon , and finally found it. Wyvern is a winged creature with a dragon head and wings.

Wyvern Strings are long lasting strings made for slacks, suicides tricks, and fast play. It resembles the swiftness of a dragon , their destructive power, and its dragon scale which is as hard as a diamond. This string will resurrect the yo-yo player's worn out pads by reviving yo-yo's responsiveness for a longer and better play.

My aim is to make Wyvern Strings worldwide known and to be used globally by yoyo players around the world.

Wyvern Strings capability :

  • Speed play.
  • Good for slacks and suicide plays.
  • Long lasting slick feel.
  • Does not absorb too much sweat (for sweaty palms).
  • Slightly thicker for a firm feel and control on the strings.
  • Vibrant colour that is tantalising for the eyes.
  • Reviving worn out silicone pads.
Wyvern String owners, you have now obtain the power of the Wyverns, show us what you got. 

Cheers ,

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