Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yoyos made into Weapons !?

Yoyos were made into weapons ??? Hide yo wife and kids !! Im just kidding , easy there readers ~ There was a concept for yoyos turned into a weapon but it wasn't an actual weapon as you perceive. If you know what I am talking about then you can imagine what I am talking about. Yes , I am talking about Yoyo Girl cop , otherwise known as Sukeban Deka : Codename = Seki Asamiya.

This movie is a Japanese live action feature film that was produced in 2006. This movie is about a female student , armed with a high tech steel yoyo , must infiltrate an elite high school to find the terrorists and stop their evil plan. Technically the yoyo is used as a weapon to hit any villains and inside the yoyo is her Authority Badge as a cop plus the usual normal yoyo string is replaced with chains.
A poster from the movie

The yoyo that was used to fight against the terrorist

This is another yoyo that was used as a weapon by the terrorist. As you can see the counter weight looks dangerous but in fact its made out of rubber and it's a pretty good counter weight for counter-weight division. Its made out entirely of rubber however it is still dangerous to swing around this type of charp counter weight. It doesn't seem like an actual yoyo but infact , this yoyo was produced and there are yoyo players that acquired this particular yoyo. In Malaysia , as far as I know , there is only ONE yoyo player that has this yoyo. You wanna know who is that ? That's your job to find out :)

There were other yoyos that was used as weapons in Animes besides Yoyo Girl Cop. I know this is going to be a little bit childish but PowerPuff Girl Z , Blossom, uses a yoyo as a weapon.

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