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If you have clicked on this link , this shows that you are interested in learning yo-yoing or possibly to enrol your children for a yo-yo class. You have came to the right place. Wyvern Strings provides yo-yo classes from a beginner level and all the way up to a professional level.

Beginner level 
We will start off with the 30 basic tricks. It is crucial for all new yo-yo players to learn the basic tricks because this basic tricks will deeply linked to the 5 competitive divisions which are performed by professionals and without the basics, they would not be able to create intricate combos or tricks in the future.

It is possible to follow from youtube but you or your children will not be able to understand the fundamental concepts of a yo-yo. This is what we call "string theory". At this level , students will be taught on proper yo-yo maintenance such as bearing cleaning, string condition, and yo-yo condition.

Intermediate level 
At this level , we have a strict requirement to complete the beginner level before proceeding to the intermediate level because this is where students will learn a higher level tricks and students will be taught on how to compose a mini combo from the tricks that was taught earlier. 

Advance level 
Once you have arrived at the Advance level , you are expected to have the ability to throw the yo-yo properly and you are capable of handling complicated string tricks.We will also teach you on how to compose your own routine for a contest or for a demonstration purposes.

For competition purposes, there is a 1min freestyle and a 3min freestyle. Your routine will be coordinated with the music of your choice. We will teach and allow your creativity to take place on how you want to perform on the stage. Monitoring and supervision will be done by our Malaysia National judges and Asia Pacific judges.

Professional level 
For the professional level , you are no longer tied down to a single division. You are now allowed to learn 4 other different division from our local professional yo-yo player of that particular division. Tricks and combos of that division will be taught by your own mentor including stage performances. You will no longer be prepared for internal review or stage performance , but now you will be prepared for Malaysia National contest , Asia Pacific Yoyo Contest , and World Yoyo Contest.

Upon completion of Professional Level, you are entitled to go for a further higher ranking position which is to be a mentor yourself or to be a judge for yo-yo competitions but your application will be reviewed and subjected to observation by the trainers. You will need to adhered to the requirements that is set by Wyvern Strings in-order to qualify as a mentor or a judge or both.

Our aim is to educate younger generation yo-yo players with the knowledge that we have throughout the years of experience in the yo-yoing scene. We would like to teach our students the meaning of teamwork, creativity, innovation and fun. 

Pricing per student is as per below :
Beginner / Intermediate level = Rm 90 for 8 classes
Advance level = Rm 110 for 8 classes
Professional level = Rm 200 for 5 mentored classes (subject to availability)

Location : Commune at Sunway Velocity 5th floor. Lot 5-03G & 5-03H.
Time : Saturdays, 3pm - 4.30pm (except public holidays)

To register as a student (each form per student) , please CLICK HERE

For further information or updates , please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wyvernstrings/?fref=ts

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