Friday, April 24, 2015

Its a big NO NO !

Hi readers ,

I recently came across on a post in one of the kendama group on Facebook, whereby a boy was asking whether is there anyone that is willing to give / donate to him a Homegrown , SWEETS. Now , as to my understanding this Kendama is not that cheap, at the price of Rm361 or slightly higher depending on which wood it is made of.

Now, the issue is that this kid owns quite alot of other expensive kendamas and yet he is asking for another kendama for free with the reason that he really wants it. For obvious reasons, his request got rejected by the community in that group. Well buddy , tough luck.

I have never encountered such request for kendamas before but I did experience it with a yoyo. I understand that kids would like to try their luck by asking whether is there any kind soul that is willing to give a yoyo for free but there are reasons why a yoyo player would not give his yoyo to you when you request it.

So Im going to list down 3 reasons why a yoyo player would not give you a yoyo when you request for one.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

5 Do's and Don'ts in any yoyo event !

Hi readers ,

I have attended various yo-yo events and its either here in Malaysia or in Singapore for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship. It would be lucky if I can go for World Yoyo Contest someday. Anyways , that isn't the main point that I am trying to convey. What I am trying to say that there are certain rules that aren't written anywhere but it is a common courtesy for all us , as competitors and yo-yo players , to follow this rules.

No idea what is it ? Here are the 5 Do's and Don'ts in any yo-yo event :

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Do you have a yoyo that spins really long ?

Hi readers,

I was browsing through my Facebook and I came across a status from a friend from Brunei ( HI STUART !!) , ehem. Anyways , he got asked a couple of times from first timer spinners or beginner level yoyo players :

"Do you have a yo-yo that spins really long ?"

I have encountered such question before whenever I am doing a yo-yo demo or during a yo-yo meet and to me , it is really common. Kids, you do have a valid question and I do not mind letting you know that YES , we all have yo-yos that spins really long but this is because of the modern technology that is installed in the yo-yo. 

This modern technology is not some rocket science that makes the yo-yo spins really long , but instead it is just an ordinary Ball Bearing which was installed in most modern yo-yos. 

What are modern yo-yos ?
This are the yo-yos that are currently available in the market that does not use the traditional wooden axle as their spinning mechanism.

However, the spin time of a yo-yo does not solely depend on the type of bearing used, but instead , your throw down plays a role too. If you throw it harder, the faster it will spin. You will definitely get a longer spin time compared to softer throws. Do keep in mind that , the harder you throw , the chances for your string to snap is greater.

Now, in our perspective , and by "our" , I am referring to all senior yo-yo players especially to those that competes , do not need a yo-yo that spins too long. 


It is because of the combos that we do. When the yo-yo is moving around during combos is performed, there will be more friction between the yo-yo's wall with the string, which will decrease the spin time of the yo-yo. The longer your combination of tricks, the yo-yo spin time will be slower. This is common and we need to catch the yo-yo to complete the combo. To start a new combo, a new throw must be performed. So there is no need for a long spinning yo-yo for us. 

The only reason that you would want a yo-yo that spins really long is for a "Long Sleeper" contest. Then yes, you might need to throw the yoyo harder to make it spin faster. Another factor is the yo-yo's weights. I have explain the concept of weight rings and here is the link for your reference :
"Weight Rings & Side Effects"

My advice is that you do not need a yo-yo that spins too long because you will be doing a more intricate combos when you have reached the level of a pro. Just learn how to throw a Long Sleeper and a Breakaway properly. Its the basics that will determine your throw.

If you have further enquiries , do not hesitate to drop us a comment here or send me a message at

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