Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Angel-Yo : Yo-yo class

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If you have read my previous post titled "The Journey (part 1)" , you are aware that I have been playing with the yoyo since 1999. In the recent years, based on my observation that yo-yo players in Malaysia has the potential and the skills to do complicated string tricks but sometimes they are lacking the basics. 

So I came up with a plan to set up a yo-yo academy , thus the birth of Angel-Yo. The main reason for it's existence is to educate younger generation of yo-yo players about the basic fundamental of a yo-yo , which includes, yoyo maintenance, string maintenance, 30 basic tricks, and yo-yoing ethics.

It doesn't just stop there once the student has completed their basic level. They are eligible to move up all the way to a professional level , whereby they will be able to choose they own division to be an expert on. A professional yo-yo player that has represented Malaysia, competing at Asia Pacific Yoyo championship and World Yoyo Contest , will be your mentor.

Why would the student need a mentor ? It's simple. It is totally a different feel playing on the stage in-front of the judges with clickers, competing with world class standard players for the champion title, compared to playing in your own room or with friends.

We will teach you how to overcome your stage fright, stage presentation, and combos composition.


I am going to need your help to make this happen. I'm going to be honest with you. I do not have the sufficient fund to make this happen. I have set up a crowdfunding on Indiegogo and I am hoping the readers or anyone that is looking at this blog right now to contribute any amount that you can in-order for me to make this happen. It is purely voluntary to donate and the details is in the following link :

My goal is to make yo-yoing as part and parcel of every school's / college's extra curriculum in Malaysia. Angel-yo has set up a syllabus that serves as a guideline to teach the students.

For further enquiry , please feel free to drop me a message at or message us at Angel-yo Facebook page.

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