Thursday, March 26, 2015

Your opinion matters

Hi there ,

I have been thinking about this for awhile now but I would like to know what are your thoughts and opinions. I am considering to blog about kendama. I just started playing with the kendama early 2013 but didn't really played with it till last year 2014. So I am wondering whether will it be good for me to fill in the details of Kendama body structure , combination of tricks concepts , videos and even player highlights of the month. 

This is a kendama by the way

and that's me !

Anyways this is just an idea and I would like to test the water. I would appreciate if you guys leave a comment down here for me and you guys get to decide on this since you are the readers and without you guys , this blog will not be running till today , so thank you in advance.

If there is anything else you want to add or any other suggestions , do drop me an email at or just go to "contact us"

Till next time,


  1. Why not, you'll be more diversified ��

  2. Thank you for your reply , Dear stranger.^^
    The reason why I asked such question is because this blog is suppose to be for yoyos. So if I were to write about kendama , the content might be irrelevant to the main purpose of this blog or could cause confusion for the readers. But if the readers agrees to have a kendama section in this blog , then it would be easier for us to write about Kendamas.

    Anyways , we have decided to put up a kendama topic section in this blog. We hope to continuously get your support ^^