Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Need a new yoyo ? Earn it

"That yo-yo looks so good ~ I wish I can buy it but I don't have the cash"

" Omg.... I wish I have more money to get that yoyo ! It looks so tempting !" 

Sounds familiar ? Trust me kids, I have been through what you are going through right now. You do not have sufficient amount of cash to buy a yo-yo that you desire the most and to make it worst, the yoyo is on discount but your parents still would not buy it for you. 

If you are thinking

"I can't buy it, so maybe I could try asking someone to give it to me" 

Then my dear friend, you have just dug your own grave. If you have not read my previous post on "It's a big NO NO", then I would highly recommend for you to read it first. However, if you had read it, then you should know by now that it is a bad move asking for a yo-yo from someone without making any effort obtaining a yo-yo.

So, in order to help you guys out, I will be listing my very own top 10 ideas for you to get that extra income to purchase the yo-yo that you have always wanted. Do take note that the idea contributed here varies by age and by your current location.

House chores
There is no better option for you to earn that extra income while staying at home. You could start charging your parents for that extra house chores that needs to be done. For example, raking the leaves, water the plants, plucking the garden weeds, taking out the thrash, sweeping the house, or if you are old enough, you could try cooking meals instead of your mum doing all the cooking.

This would not only ease your parent's burden, but you will actually impress them by putting effort in-order to get that yoyo. They will soon realise that you are willing to work hard for something that you want. It may not be an easy cash for you but it is definitely a method to get into your parent's heart. That "awww" factor. 

"Sirap limau" stand
Instead of your conventional lemonade stand, I would like to introduce to you, Sirap Limau stand ! What is Sirap Limau ? Well, Sirap means....Syrup , in English and Limau means Lime. So, in general, it is a cordial syrup drinks mixed with lime. Usually in Malaysia, we will use Rose Syrup and it has that flowery taste to it. 

This is what it looks like
Pour the cordial into a jug, add 3-4 fullspoon of sugar (according to your taste), squeeze the lime into the jug and add hot water to mix them together. Once it is mix thoroughly, add ice cubes into the mixture and now you are all set for a "Sirap Limau" stand. This would definitely be in high demand on a hot sunny day. Come to think of it... I might need to make one now. *poof*

Dog & Cat Bathing Service
Who doesn't love both of this furry creatures ? Why not gain some extra income by giving them a good clean bath. You do not need much besides water, a bucket to fit the cat or the dog in it and a big bottle of "Pet Shampoo".

As a gentle reminder, please do not use human hair shampoo on them because this might have other effects rather than making their coating shine and fluffy. Get a proper pet shampoo that is meant for cats and dogs. I have seen dogs being blown dry but I am not too sure about cats. So if they are afraid of the noise coming out of the hair blower, just use a clean towel to dry them up and make sure they stay warm and cozy. Otherwise, there is a chance they might catch a cold, especially cats.

No idea how to do it by yourself ? Get your parents to join in too ! This is a great weekend activity for the family while you earn some extra cash too.

EXTRA PRO-TIP : Give them a good soft massage with warm water during bathing because they enjoy that alot and brush their fur once you have dried them up.

Part time newspaper delivery boy
If you are cycling to school, how bout being a part time newspaper delivery boy. All you need to do is to collect the newspapers at your local newspaper distributor and accurately throw the newspaper into their lawn or for extra bonus points, aim for the front porch of their house.

If you don't own a bicycle, you might be able to jog to school instead. As an additional benefit, you get to lose weight during your jog and from carrying the weight of those newspapers.

Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman 
Not all heroes wear cape and you could be one of them too. You could help your neighbours to mow the lawn or to water their plants but for a price of course. They might not be able to pay you at the same rate as the usual lawn mower guy, but you are gaining income in a safe environment, which is your own neighbourhood. 

P.S : Please don't get yourself bitten by a radioactive spider for this job. You definitely don't need a spider bite to be a superhero, especially for house chores. 

Who likes their car to be dirty that is full of dust and mud all around it ? The answer is , no one. So what do you do ? Get your bucket out, fill it with soap and water, and start putting up a sign that says "CAR WASH FOR $5 !!" . You would be surprise that you will be getting customers in no time.

Make sure to soap the exterior of the car properly and spray all the dirt away with water. Use a soft sponge to avoid scratches on the surface of the car. Take a clean, microfibre cloth to wipe dry the windshield and for an additional price of $4, you could offer to wax the car. Bright and shiny ~ 

This could be a tough job for one person, so you might need to do it in a small group of 4 people or once again, get your family into it to if it is possible. 

If you have a driving license and you have your own personal car, then you might be able to provide carpool service to your friends that do not wish to walk or take the bus to college or to their workplace. Set a price that covers your fuel cost and toll fee (if applicable), and mark up by a certain amount of percentage.

Do take note that is only applicable to young adults that have their own driving license and please do not mark up excessively that is too absurd for anyone to pay for your service. Make it reasonable and do not be late for any appointment.

Garage sale
This is definitely one of the best way to get rid of your old items / pre-loved outfits and gain an extra income through it. A garage sale is where you have old items in your house that is sitting in the store room collecting dust, being put on sale for anyone to purchase it. As the saying goes "A one man's thrash , is another man's treasure"

Please do not sell items that is badly damaged and it is beyond repair unless there is someone that is willing to purchase and fix it on their own. Otherwise, it would be bad idea to sell damaged goods. Old toys, Gaming Console, Televisions, Boombox, Pokemon cards, or clothings are good examples that can be sold. (pssst ... stay away from your mum's cutlery collection or her jewelries ) 

This idea is mainly applicable to young adults that is capable to keep a close eye on smaller kids. You need to be very alert and you need to watch over them like a hawk. Parents has entrusted their safety in your care and you wouldn't want to get into trouble if anything were to happen to their kids.

Ensure that the house are safely locked, especially any backdoor in the kitchen room or entrance to the garage. This is to avoid any burglars coming in and to avoid kids getting out of the house without your knowledge. To be on the safer side, have the parent's number on speed dial or any other emergency contact on standby. 

Finally we are down to our last and final suggestions for you to earn that extra income for a yoyo. The number #1 idea is :

Sell / Trade your yoyos
Yes I know. It sounds ironic because you are selling a yoyo to purchase another yoyo but this is one of the many methods that us yo-yo players use to get that extra income to buy a better yo-yo. Not all 
yo-yos are suitable for everyone. Unless you are a collector, it would be better if someone else purchase your yo-yo at a lower reasonable price and you could use the cash from that sale to purchase the yo-yo of your choice.

Another method would be to trade your yo-yo for the yo-yo that you want from another yo-yo player. Do not expect to get a brand new yo-yo by trading a secondhand damage yo-yo. If you would like to trade for a yo-yo , make sure that your yo-yo is in good condition for a trade. For guidelines , please take a look at "5 things to look out for before a trade"  .

Well, I hope that this 10 ideas would be useful to you in someway or another but if you do have other suggestions, feel free to email me at and I will write up another article based on your comments. 

Till next time,

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