Friday, October 02, 2015

Wyvern Strings x SPIKE Kendama

We have been working on this project for about a month or so and we are finally proud to announce , our very first kendama , Wyvern Strings x SPIKE !!

Before that, here is a little introduction of SPIKE. What is SPIKE ? I am going to quote from their webpage on what SPIKE is all about. Just to avoid any confusion based on my own explantion.

"SPIKE kendama is a series of unique kendama targeted for the upcoming kendama community in Malaysia, it is partnered with Yoyoskeels originals."

"Run by Ewin EE and Muhammad Shakeel, SPIKE kendama has a wide range of products from the regular kendama, to the pill kendama, and to the jumbo kendama ever since it is established in 2014"

"SPIKE Kendama aims to become the best locally made and assembled high quality kendama and not forgetting the vision to spread the love of Kendama in Malaysia" 

Wyvern Strings was given the opportunity to work with SPIKE Kendama with the same vision and intention which is to spread the Kendama culture around Malaysia. 

The Kendama is made out of 100% walnut and based on what we were told, it is very rare to obtain a walnut material to produce a kendama out of it. It takes an enormous amount of skill work and dedication to the production of the Kendama.

The tama has a bright yellow colour to compliment the crazy grains on the ken as well as the sarado. It blends perfectly together. We are aware that "Balance" is everything for a kendama. Hence, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this kendama.

Currently there is only 30 pieces made and order can be made through or visit to place an order. Do not forget to mention Wyvern Strings to Kedaiyoyo or hashtag us in your instagram #wyvernstrings.

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