Monday, October 05, 2015

"Why so expensive ?"

In 12 years of my yo-yoing journey, I always come across parents telling their kids ,

"You don't know how to play"


"Aiyah, you buy so expensive for what ? Later we will buy at pasar malam"

What is pasar malam ? It is directly translates as night market. Similar to flea markets in certain countries. Whereby cheap yo-yos that is sold for RM3.00 , equivalent to USD$0.68 (give or take a few bucks due to currency changes). Do you see what is going on right here ?

Parents would not buy a yo-yo for their children that is eager to learn how to play with a yo-yo. From my first statement "You don't know how to play", it is obvious that the kid has zero or minimum knowledge about a yo-yo which triggers their curiosity, hence they would like to purchase a yo-yo. Why do they want it ? To learn my dear parents. They would like to explore the possibilities of a simple toy that goes up and down. This are Malaysian parents.

 As comparison to Singaporean parents, they would ask whether their children would want to buy and learn ? If the kid says yes, they would buy and request for assistance from the shopkeeper and without a doubt, the shopkeeper would teach. Parents would even send their kids to the shop on weekly basis, every Saturday, just learn the basics of yo-yoing.

It is totally understandable that the price of a yo-yo this days could be over the top but do understand this when I say that yo-yo is no longer made out of cheap plastics that you could buy off the "Roti man" honking around your neighbourhood. In this era, yo-yo materials are made out of high quality durable plastic that can withstand a certain amount of impact if it ever hits the ground. I am talking about a basic yo-yo that usually cost about Rm20 or Rm40.

As for the yo-yos made for a professional, it is commonly made out of aluminium grade 7075 or 6065. A yo-yo that is made out of aluminium have higher price compared to plastic yo-yos because instead of using plastic moldings to create the shape of the yo-yo, a huge CNC machine is needed to cut out the shape of a yo-yo from a cylinder of aluminium. This also includes the intangible skill of a machine operator to handle the machine and a group of yo-yo designers to design the shape of the yo-yo, whereby the aim is to produce a better performance yo-yo from the previous yo-yos made by a company. Hence the price of a high quality metal yo-yo could be within the range of Rm100 up to Rm800. Rest assure that your children do not need to upgrade to a high end yo-yo until he is recommended to do so based on the skills that he or she has by their instructor or yo-yo professionals.

This is a documentary produced by CLYW x ONEdrop in the making of "The Summit"

I used to be one of the kids waiting for my turn to buy a RM0.20 yo-yo , that doesn't spin. I feel satisfied and eager to learn even though it just goes up and down. We, as a yo-yo professional would like to expand the knowledge of yo-yo theories and fundamentals to the younger generations. If a parent would stop them from learning, how would they ever improve or gain a new skill in life ? Let's just say that it isn't a yo-yo , what about ballet ? Or piano ? Or inventing a new machine that could save million of lives ? Now imagine, what would happened, if you would have stopped them from learning something that they might be passionate about ?

The answer is, you may have stopped them from achieving greatness in the future.

Now ask yourself this, would you want your children be passionate about something that they could be great at ,


Would you rather stop them from learning something new and believe in the fact that they are not allowed to be out of their comfort zone and explore.

I shall leave that question to the father reading this, or to the mother reading this, or to the both of you.

(NOTE : We would like to point out that the choice to purchase a yoyo at a higher price is subject to the discretion of the parents to work within their budget. It does not mean that a parent is compulsory to purchase the yo-yo upon request.)

Feel free to drop me a message, or comment, or inquiry if you have any further questions that need to be clarified at

Till next time,

Friday, October 02, 2015

Wyvern Strings x SPIKE Kendama

We have been working on this project for about a month or so and we are finally proud to announce , our very first kendama , Wyvern Strings x SPIKE !!

Before that, here is a little introduction of SPIKE. What is SPIKE ? I am going to quote from their webpage on what SPIKE is all about. Just to avoid any confusion based on my own explantion.

"SPIKE kendama is a series of unique kendama targeted for the upcoming kendama community in Malaysia, it is partnered with Yoyoskeels originals."

"Run by Ewin EE and Muhammad Shakeel, SPIKE kendama has a wide range of products from the regular kendama, to the pill kendama, and to the jumbo kendama ever since it is established in 2014"

"SPIKE Kendama aims to become the best locally made and assembled high quality kendama and not forgetting the vision to spread the love of Kendama in Malaysia" 

Wyvern Strings was given the opportunity to work with SPIKE Kendama with the same vision and intention which is to spread the Kendama culture around Malaysia. 

The Kendama is made out of 100% walnut and based on what we were told, it is very rare to obtain a walnut material to produce a kendama out of it. It takes an enormous amount of skill work and dedication to the production of the Kendama.

The tama has a bright yellow colour to compliment the crazy grains on the ken as well as the sarado. It blends perfectly together. We are aware that "Balance" is everything for a kendama. Hence, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this kendama.

Currently there is only 30 pieces made and order can be made through or visit to place an order. Do not forget to mention Wyvern Strings to Kedaiyoyo or hashtag us in your instagram #wyvernstrings.

Till next time,

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Need a new yoyo ? Earn it

"That yo-yo looks so good ~ I wish I can buy it but I don't have the cash"

" Omg.... I wish I have more money to get that yoyo ! It looks so tempting !" 

Sounds familiar ? Trust me kids, I have been through what you are going through right now. You do not have sufficient amount of cash to buy a yo-yo that you desire the most and to make it worst, the yoyo is on discount but your parents still would not buy it for you. 

If you are thinking

"I can't buy it, so maybe I could try asking someone to give it to me" 

Then my dear friend, you have just dug your own grave. If you have not read my previous post on "It's a big NO NO", then I would highly recommend for you to read it first. However, if you had read it, then you should know by now that it is a bad move asking for a yo-yo from someone without making any effort obtaining a yo-yo.

So, in order to help you guys out, I will be listing my very own top 10 ideas for you to get that extra income to purchase the yo-yo that you have always wanted. Do take note that the idea contributed here varies by age and by your current location.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How professional are you to be considered professional ?

Hi readers,


That is something that you hear everyday whenever a person comes up to you and ask how long have you been playing with the yoyo. You will be telling them "oh , I have been a yoyo professional for almost a year" or 3 years or 25 years BUT what does it mean to be a yoyo professional ?

Is it the age factor ?

Is it the years of experience factor ?


Whether a person is sponsored by a yoyo company is considered as a professional ?

The truth my friend, there is no proper guidelines to determine who is a yoyo professional or not. I have been playing with the yoyo at the age of 10 and that would be 17 years of experience in total. I could be calling myself a yoyo master but on contrary, I still have doubts branding myself as a yoyo professional. To me, it is similar to the education system, it is a never ending learning process.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Yoyofficer Yo-yo Contest 2015

Hi readers ,

On the 25th of July 2015, will be organising a yoyo contest, presenting Yoyofficer and the event will be taking place in Sungei Wang Plaza , Concourse Level. As far as my understanding, there will be one main division, which is Single A (1A) Division and a few other exciting side divisions.

A little introduction of Yoyofficer

What is Yoyofficer ?
Yoyofficer, properly pronounced as Yoyo Officer, is a professional yoyo manufacturer from China and it was incorporated in the month of April 2012. Their yoyos are created with the aim to provide the smoothest anodization out in the market and by incorporating excellent design at a reasonable price that's suitable for all ages to purchase it any part of the world.