Monday, July 17, 2017

Reliable resources

Hi readers , 

"Where can I get my yoyos ?"

"Is this website reliable ?"

Those are the two examples of a common question for yo-yo players that aren't too familiar on where to get their yo-yos. So, today , I will be giving you hints to identify which web-store or physical store that is reliable and recommended to purchase your yo-yos. I will also be listing the reasons to choose a reliable yo-yo store.

What to look out for ?

It is pretty simple actually. Whenever you are looking for a yo-yo on an unknown website or non-yoyo related web-store, always look out for the price. If a yo-yo is overpriced, then I would not recommend you to purchase the yo-yo from that website. Its common sense really, would you purchase something at a higher price when you could have gotten it at a cheaper price or market rate at another place ? 

I have seen yo-yos that cost twice the amount than it should have been. For example, a Yoyofactory Shutter usually worth USD44.99 (price taken from ) and from another website, it could go up to USD60. If you are looking for a yo-yo through Ebay or some other online web-store, then you may get it at a higher price but this does not mean that it is entirely a scam. Ebay is known as a bidding place, so if you were to purchase it at the higher bidding price, then no party is to be blame because you understood that the higher bidder gets to purchase the item.

In the event that you had the opportunity to visit a yo-yo store, you could always evaluate the yo-yo by requesting to hold on to the yo-yo and feel the quality of the yo-yo before purchasing it. Some stores do allow you to test out the performance of the yo-yo by playing with a sample. So do ask them whether they have any samples for you to test out. If there aren't any samples for you to test, you may request for assistance from the storekeeper to ask other yo-yo players present to let you have a test run with their yo-yos instead before deciding on what to purchase. Please be careful with other yo-yo players possession and try not to ding it.

Based on the pricing and the quality of the yo-yo, you should be able gauge your trust level on that website or store. If you do not have the confidence to purchase on that website or store, then don't. No one can force you to do so.

Which yo-yo store ?

There is quite a few of yo-yo webstore that is highly trust worthy and I can vouch for that. The list below are few of the yo-yo webstores that I have been using to purchase my yo-yo and hopefully this will help you to get your yo-yos with ease.

1) 28spin
"28spin is founded by 3 very talented skill toys enthusiast, being an enthusiast ourself, we have an extensive history in the skill toys world. We are also one of the co-founders of the Malaysian yoyo club. Being managing n supporting the scene here in Malaysia we have understand the need of making the skill toys available to the market here in Malaysia. "
-Quote from 28spin website-

In line to their yo-yo webstore, their physical store is currently located in POP Jaya One , PJ. For more info or to purchase your yo-yos, please visit

2) Kedaiyoyo
Another local Malaysia yo-yo webstore that used to have a physical store in Sungei Wang, but for a particular reason (that I've no information on it) is now no longer operating in Sungei Wang. However, do not fret, they are still providing great discounted quality yo-yos on their website.

If you wish to get your own yo-yo, please do not hesitate to visit their official website at

3) Spingear
Spingear... what can I say about spingear.... To me, its a worldwide known yo-yo webstore from Japan that is highly trust worthy. The owner is Taka Hasegawa. He is a really friendly store owner and a remarkable yo-yo enthusiast. He is famous for his trademark yoyo trick, shoot the moon, with an extremely long string and the silly pinwheel trick.

Trust me on this, if you ever meet him in any yoyo contest, do go up to him and greet him personally. He loves to meet new yo-yo players that shares the same passion as he does. The products that is sold on his website are reasonably priced and if you were to purchase to a certain extent of amount, the courier charges would be FOC.

The website is or if you do get the chance to have trip to Japan, dropby his store in Akihibara !

4) Spinworkx

Hands down, the best yo-yo store in Singapore ! That's all I can say. I have been visiting this store since 2005 and I am so fortunate to be friends with the owner of Spinworkx. The shopkeeper, Fong is so so friendly and very helpful. The service that they provide is great !

Spinworkx store is a "must go" place for every yo-yo player whenever they visit Singapore. The official website is

5) Yoyo Store Rewind

This is another Japan based yo-yo webstore founded by Shinya Kido, Hinonori, and Jun Aramaki. They currently have a physical store in Iwakura, Aichi and in Shibuya, Tokyo. You may visit them too if you are taking a trip to Shibuya or Aichi by any chance. If you couldn't make it to Japan, no worries, they are selling yo-yos through online too.

Their official website is

6) Yoyoexpert

An online yoyo webstore designed by Andre Boulay and it is based in USA , Easthampton. This online webstore do not only provide yo-yos for purchase, but it is also a trick site that has over 150 videos, ranging from beginner to expert level.

Their official website is

So there you go. Those are the very few yo-yo webstore or physical yo-yo store that I have been dealing with. There are a few other yo-yo webstore/physical store out there. Take your time to evaluate those stores carefully and once you are confident with the service provided by the store, go ahead and purchase that yoyo.

If you are in doubt, there are always yo-yo enthusiast Facebook group that you could depend on. Try asking around and I am pretty sure they are more than happy to help you out.

For an easier access to the website that I have noted in this website , CLICK HERE

Till next time,
Adam Hamzah

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