Thursday, July 27, 2017

JJ and Rudy your MC

Hello readers ,

Last Sunday on the 23rd of July , I had one of the best experience in my life !! I finally met JJ and Rudy !! WOOHOO !!

For those of you that has no idea who are JJ and Rudy is, they are one of the best radio DJ on from my era in Malaysia. They are an explosive duo that has no stop button when they are live on the radio !! They are the most friendliest radio DJ that I have ever met too.

Anyways , I was lucky enough to have the opportunity and have a chat session with them about yoyos !! Want to know more ? Well here is the full video of the interview. Enjoy !!

For more info on the yoyo class, you may either visit HERE or just drop me an email at and I will reply back as soon as possible !!

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