Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Player of the week (July week 3) - Hassan Marialis

      A very good day to all of my readers. On the 20th of July 2017, I started a Facebook poll to determine who will be the player of the week for the month of July 2017 and the title "Player of the week" goes to Hassan Marialis !! With a total of 16 votes.

     I manage to get in contact with him in order to have a mini interview and the purpose of this interview is to have a little insight for his fans to know more about him. How did it go ? Well, read all about it below

Me : " Goodmorning Hassan !! First off , congratulations on being nominated as the 'Player of the week' by the voter's choice !! So how do you feel about it ? "

Hassan : " Owh man. I feel so appreciated because it has been ages that I've been competing. It has almost been 3 years of absence from any yo-yo contest, I think. Plus, with the decreasing amount of trick circle that I can produce due to work, it is still unbelievable that I was being nominated for this. I am also considered as an old school player. So, I'm pretty much hype about this. "

Me : " Hei, you deserve every last bit of it for the amount of dedication that you have for this skill toy. Now, in the absence of 3 years from competing, what have you been brewing ? Will it be something new that no one has witness or invented ? "

Hassan : " The reason why I have been abstaining from yo-yo contest for the past 3 years is because I am in search of the essence of yo-yoing and to obtain the initial feeling that made me started yo-yoing. I would like to get back to my roots.

I'm not saying that competitive yoyoing isn't fun anymore but I would like to discover more about this skill toy besides competing with it. For the past 3 years, I've been trying to understand how some of the pieces of 'concepts' that I have been developing comes together. Its like a puzzle. Some of you may have seen it during AP (Asia Pacific Yoyo Contest) or Malaysia Nationals but its still a work in progress.

It takes time to achieve perfection since the elements and concepts consumes time, now that I am working, I may not have not have much time to spare compared to my teenage years. Honestly, I am into innovating tricks and till today, I still stand to my believe that yo-yoyoing have unlimited space for new creation of fun. To me, it is not just about tech or horizontal play or even speed play. For example, take a look at Ricardo Fraleni and Zammy Ickler. "

Me : " Would we be expecting you to compete any time soon in the future ? Im sure your fans are dying to know that. "

Hassan : " Yes, I am ready for World Yoyo Contest 2018 (Worlds or WYYC), Malaysia Nationals 2018 (MYYC) and maybe Clash44. Even though I have a slim chance of winning but I will try my very best to present the most memorable freestyle for the viewers. "

Me : " Owh wow, that is truly inspiring. I hope you will be able to achieve your dreams and probably this will be the fuel of inspiration of the readers and the future generations. What are your top 10 daily essentials ? "

Hassan : " Most probably would be my powerbank (cant leave my home without it), my iphone5s, my samsung S3, my wallet (otherwise how am I going to pay for anything ??) , my backpack, my Komuter card, my cap, my kickz, my yoyos (duh) and of cource, a bundle of extra strings (just incase my string gets worn out during practise).

Me : " Do you have any words of wisdom or inspiration for your fans ?"

Hassan : " I don't have fans in particular but I do have friends. I would like the readers and the future generations to believe in yourself, set a goal in your mind and do whatever it takes to achieve that.

How ? Keep practising, be bold, be brave and keep pushing forward. If you failed, take that experience and use it as your fuel to be better in the future. Eventually that experience would be a memory that will get you to where you want to be.

Life is too short to be dull. So keep on yo-yoing guys ! "

Me : " Thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words. It was a pleasure speaking to you and I appreciate it for taking a few moments of your time to have a chat with me. I will be looking forward to see exciting new yo-yoing concepts and ideas from you. Goodluck in your future endeavours."

Hassan : " You're most welcome and thank you for having me. "

Well there you have it. Our hope for the future generations is to unlock your true potential by discovering the endless possibilities in yo-yoing. Despite being the second oldest toy in the world, new ideas and concepts are constantly discovered. Its all up to you.

Till next time,
Adam Hamzah

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