Thursday, April 09, 2015

5 Do's and Don'ts in any yoyo event !

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I have attended various yo-yo events and its either here in Malaysia or in Singapore for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship. It would be lucky if I can go for World Yoyo Contest someday. Anyways , that isn't the main point that I am trying to convey. What I am trying to say that there are certain rules that aren't written anywhere but it is a common courtesy for all us , as competitors and yo-yo players , to follow this rules.

No idea what is it ? Here are the 5 Do's and Don'ts in any yo-yo event :


1.  Always greet as many yo-yo players as you can the moment you arrive at the scene. This will not only break the ice between strangers, but you will also create a much friendly environment for everyone.

2.  BE ON TIME !!! This really irks me like an itch under my skin that can never be scratched off. Contest registration is usually open at 10am or 11am, so please line up in order to smoothen the registration processing. It is so, so common in Malaysia. As the saying goes "Malaysian Timing". Please, don't ever practise this. It's either you be early or be punctual for the contest or loose your chance to compete.

3.  For those that registered online, a music submission is required but as a precaution, have a back up in a form of MP3 format stored in your Thumbdrive or burned into a disc. Due to human errors, there could be some technical errors that the file could go missing or mistakenly was not downloaded , we apologise for that. No handphones as your backup freestyle song please. It is impractical and you would not want to have your song cut off due to a phone call during your freestyle on the stage.

4.  There are practise areas made available for yo-yo players to practise. So please make full use of that place in-order to avoid the yo-yo hitting passerby.

5. Once the contest is over, you had your fun, please clean the contest area and keep it free from any litters. By litters , I mean your used strings, water bottles, tissues, or food wrappings. Some shopping malls have strict policies towards littering. So you would not want them to forbid the organisers from conducting another yo-yo contest in the future, wouldn't ya ?


1.  Please do not wander off too far during the contest. It is a common practise for the emcee to announce the next 5 or 10 contestant after the first 5 or 10 freestyle is over. If your name has been called out so many times, you need to be there to respond and be ready to go up on the stage. If you were to wander off somewhere too far, you will cause delays in the event schedule. In worst case scenario, it is assumed that you are absent and therefore disqualified.

If you need to eat or drink, please get something light at the moment till your turn ends and if you need to go to the washroom, please notify any one of your friends or the emcee that you need to go to the washroom urgently. Atleast we know where you are going to and how long to expect you to be back on the stage.

2.  Cheering for your friends or your teammates is awesome ! However, cheering too loud can be slightly annoying, especially for the judges and for the other spectators. You are not baboons. You are a group of professional yo-yo players, competing to be the best in your country for National contest, and representing your country in Asia Pacific Yoyo Contest or Worlds Yoyo Contest. Cheering is good but no excessively. Judges need to have full concentration during scoring a freestyle and your loud cheer might distract them.

3.  Please do not wear white shirts or bright coloured outfit. You should realise it by now that most yo-yo players wear black or darker shirt during their freestyle on the stage. This is because your strings are bright enough and with a brighter background, the judges might have difficulties looking at the string's movement. It is not compulsory but it is advisable to wear a darker shade clothing.

4.  Do not ever, ever, stand behind the judges during the score is being tabulated. This is to ensure that the scores are not disclosed publicly before the contest is over. Please bare in mind that you are prohibited from looking at untabulated scores before the contest is over. If you are caught taking a peek at the scores without the permission of the judges, you will be disqualified immediately without prior notice nor further notification despite what are your scores.

"You have been warn"

5.  Do not distract the emcee and do not stand in-front of the media's cameras. Emcee will announce your name from time to time and he will remind the contestants when is their turn to be up on the stage. So do not go up to them every 10 minutes asking when is your turn. The organising committee will stick a list of names of the contestants and the emcee will be calling out the contestants name according to the same copy of the list unless there are some changes, which will be announced publicly.

Their duty is to make the coordinate the event in line with the event schedule , to announce the contestants name , and to give time for the judges to tabulate the score by entertaining the spectators till they are ready. It is your duty to check on the namelist by yourself. The emcees are not your name list.

As for the medias, im sure you have seen them. They are always located behind the judge with a camera on a tripod. Some team records the whole contest freestyle and it is to be uploaded immediately online. Some of the cameras are streaming live through the internet. If your head or body blocks the camera, please move to the side and pay attention to your surroundings. Be thoughtful for those yo-yo players that could not make it to your contest because they would like to watch the freestyle without any disturbance.

That's about it from me. I am sorry if some of the sentences that I've blurted out are harsh or strict but this is for your own good. Organisers or organising committee are too nice sometimes by not mentioning this to you but as a group of professional yo-yo players, its each and everyone's responsibility to be thoughtful and be professional.

Why do I keep mentioning the word 'professional' ? This is to remind all of you to keep your reputations reputable. This is what divides you between mediocre and an upper class of yo-yo players / demonstrator. You want respect, this is how you work for it.

Till next time ,

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