Friday, April 24, 2015

Its a big NO NO !

Hi readers ,

I recently came across on a post in one of the kendama group on Facebook, whereby a boy was asking whether is there anyone that is willing to give / donate to him a Homegrown , SWEETS. Now , as to my understanding this Kendama is not that cheap, at the price of Rm361 or slightly higher depending on which wood it is made of.

Now, the issue is that this kid owns quite alot of other expensive kendamas and yet he is asking for another kendama for free with the reason that he really wants it. For obvious reasons, his request got rejected by the community in that group. Well buddy , tough luck.

I have never encountered such request for kendamas before but I did experience it with a yoyo. I understand that kids would like to try their luck by asking whether is there any kind soul that is willing to give a yoyo for free but there are reasons why a yoyo player would not give his yoyo to you when you request it.

So Im going to list down 3 reasons why a yoyo player would not give you a yoyo when you request for one.

Reason 1

They save up their own money to get their favourite yoyos ! Duh ! For me, personally , this is a very obvious reason. Some yoyo players may have the luxury of having their parents to buy high end yoyos for them whenever they want but some of them had to do extra chores around the house or have good grades in order for them to be rewarded with that yoyo or extra cash to purchase the yoyos.

You on the other hand , waltz in and ask them whether could they give you THAT yoyo. Come on kids. You are smart , think before you ask. You may think its funny and testing your luck by asking other yoyo players to give one of their yoyos.

However , there are occasions whereby a yoyo player would voluntary hand out their yoyo to another yoyo players. This will only takes place IF and ONLY IF that yoyo player has no other yoyo and the current yoyo is thrashed beyond measure or there is a giveaway contest going on.

Reason 2

Most of the yoyo players have been through so many events and competition with their favourite yoyo. It has sentimental value for that yoyo player. Its slightly difficult for them to be apart with that yoyo even though he may not used it any longer in the future.

My sentimental valued yoyo. Was given by my mother on my 18th and 21st birthday. (From left to right : 2008 888 & Spingear Golden Dragon 888 edition)
It could also be the very first yoyo that he got that made him start his journey in the yoyoing world and once again this is related to sentimental values.

Reason 3

He or she just doesn't like it. We as yoyo players are partially collectors too. We are totally annoyed whenever this question is raised by juniors or kids. You are making a big mistake by doing so. Some yoyos are really hard to get and we have been through hardship searching for that particular yoyos as part of our collection.

My advice is , you could try asking that yoyo player nicely when you meet him or her but this is only a 50/50 chance. Be considerate towards their feelings too. It is similar to the moment when you are trying to ask for extra pocket money from your parents. You will get it , but you will need to be extra hardworking and prove yourself worthy of such reward. Same goes for yoyos. If they think you can excel further in the future , they would not mind giving you one.

However, if you are half-hearted in doing what you are doing , showing no progress and no passion , you can kiss your luck goodbye and say your last farewell. Once again, I would like to remind all of you that not all yoyo players are generous because they know how much of effort they need to put in to get a yoyo. So be smart.

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