Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Do you have a yoyo that spins really long ?

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I was browsing through my Facebook and I came across a status from a friend from Brunei ( HI STUART !!) , ehem. Anyways , he got asked a couple of times from first timer spinners or beginner level yoyo players :

"Do you have a yo-yo that spins really long ?"

I have encountered such question before whenever I am doing a yo-yo demo or during a yo-yo meet and to me , it is really common. Kids, you do have a valid question and I do not mind letting you know that YES , we all have yo-yos that spins really long but this is because of the modern technology that is installed in the yo-yo. 

This modern technology is not some rocket science that makes the yo-yo spins really long , but instead it is just an ordinary Ball Bearing which was installed in most modern yo-yos. 

What are modern yo-yos ?
This are the yo-yos that are currently available in the market that does not use the traditional wooden axle as their spinning mechanism.

However, the spin time of a yo-yo does not solely depend on the type of bearing used, but instead , your throw down plays a role too. If you throw it harder, the faster it will spin. You will definitely get a longer spin time compared to softer throws. Do keep in mind that , the harder you throw , the chances for your string to snap is greater.

Now, in our perspective , and by "our" , I am referring to all senior yo-yo players especially to those that competes , do not need a yo-yo that spins too long. 


It is because of the combos that we do. When the yo-yo is moving around during combos is performed, there will be more friction between the yo-yo's wall with the string, which will decrease the spin time of the yo-yo. The longer your combination of tricks, the yo-yo spin time will be slower. This is common and we need to catch the yo-yo to complete the combo. To start a new combo, a new throw must be performed. So there is no need for a long spinning yo-yo for us. 

The only reason that you would want a yo-yo that spins really long is for a "Long Sleeper" contest. Then yes, you might need to throw the yoyo harder to make it spin faster. Another factor is the yo-yo's weights. I have explain the concept of weight rings and here is the link for your reference :
"Weight Rings & Side Effects"

My advice is that you do not need a yo-yo that spins too long because you will be doing a more intricate combos when you have reached the level of a pro. Just learn how to throw a Long Sleeper and a Breakaway properly. Its the basics that will determine your throw.

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