Wednesday, July 08, 2015

2006 - 2015

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I've always enjoyed going for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship and thankfully I manage to go for 3 of it. It isn't much but I have met many new yoyo players that I eventually could call friends. It is amazing how people have improved throughout the years. Anyways, unfortunately I was not able to attend this year's AP but on the good side, Brian Low from Singapore has released his own edit of AP and it is really entertaining. 

First , lets have a little flashback. The video below is the main reason why I wanted to compete in yoyo events and have the desperation to attend AP in 2009. 

This video is made by Ian Poh

Next video is how everyone has improved and grown up. Even though it is at a different place with newer competitor face involved, the fun never ends. Once you have watched this , you will understand why I always have the urge to go for AP every year.





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