Thursday, July 09, 2015

Yoyofficer Yo-yo Contest 2015

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On the 25th of July 2015, will be organising a yoyo contest, presenting Yoyofficer and the event will be taking place in Sungei Wang Plaza , Concourse Level. As far as my understanding, there will be one main division, which is Single A (1A) Division and a few other exciting side divisions.

A little introduction of Yoyofficer

What is Yoyofficer ?
Yoyofficer, properly pronounced as Yoyo Officer, is a professional yoyo manufacturer from China and it was incorporated in the month of April 2012. Their yoyos are created with the aim to provide the smoothest anodization out in the market and by incorporating excellent design at a reasonable price that's suitable for all ages to purchase it any part of the world.

Their goals is to take the yoyoing scene up to the next level than what it is currently at. They wish to provide assistance to make the yoyoing community much advance and to enhance the quality of the yoyo players skill through the yoyos manufactured by Yoyofficer.

Yoyofficer models 




Musket (Acidwash)













Note : I (Wyvern Strings) do not own any of the pictures as depicted above and all or any copyright of the picture solely belongs to Yoyofficer and it's affiliates. I do not wish or intend to infringe any copyright laws implemented by Yoyofficer.

Glen Kempster (Australia)
Franstisek bina (Czech Republic)
Ondrej Horak (Czech Republic)
Michal Malik (Czech Republic)
Ryan Gee  (USA)
OuYang (China)
Adi Raihan Mahmud (Brunei)
Ryan, Jian Liang Lim (Malaysia)

Any yoyo players that is interested to join the contest, CLICK HERE for registration.
Registration fee is RM50 for online registration. However, for walk-in registration, it will be Rm70. It is a 2 minute freestyle and a 50/50 judge format. For more information, please visit

For more information about Yoyofficer, here is the link to their page. WWW.YOYOFFICER.COM

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  1. Yo-yos are so cool! Although they can be a little tricky to get the hang of it. I used to be able to 'walk the dog' and sleep my yo-yo, but that was back in my glorious yo-yo days of high school. Maybe one day I will make it 'around the world'.

    Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising