Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Yoyo Ranger - MAFIA

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There is a buzz going around Facebook and I have just came across the latest yoyo made in Malaysia by Stanley Low Jia Cheng, founder of Team Tr-Yo, and he is from Terengganu. This yoyo goes by the name of Yoyo Ranger.

What you are looking at is the latest signature series of Ryan Han, Sarawak's very own yoyo mafia.
Ryan Han is the founder of Sarawak Yo-Blitz team and he has been educating Sarawak's younger generation to compete nationally and internationally.

 I have tried playing with this yoyo and I must say that I'm impress with the performance of this yoyo. It is slightly lighter than what it looks like but it is stable. The beadblasted surfaces makes it easier for finger grinding tricks or finger spin tricks. I would love to get my hands on it someday and maybe I could elaborate more on the feel of the yoyo but for now, below are the yoyo's specs that I have obtained directly from Stanley.

Yoyo Specs :
Wide : 43.7mm
Diameter : 55.6mm
Bearing Gap : 4.2mm
Weight : 68 Gram
Material : 6061

This yoyo was used by Adi Hisham Mohtar during our recent Malaysia National yoyo contest and he is the current champion for 3A division. If you would like to enquire more on this product, you may contact Stanley directly through his Facebook. All you need to do is CLICK HERE

If you wish to talk directly to the Yoyo Mafia himself , Ryan Han.


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