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5 thing to look out for before a trade

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Back in Pokemon era , I used to trade quite alot of my precious cards for other better cards which I needed or just for collection wise. Well this goes the same for yoyos. I have a written an article on "8 signs you should invest in a yoyo" and if buying a yoyo will cost a fortune for you , then why not try trading for it. You can trade your yoyos within your yoyoing community or even outside of your country but with precautions of course.

Here are the 5 things that you should look out for before a trade :

1. The First most important thing to do is to scrutinise and filter out your dealer. If that person is part of  your yoyoing community, ensure that you are familiar with him. However, if you are not certain, perform a small investigation on his background to know him better.
Do your research !!
You could either check from his past history of trading yoyos with other players , or where he stays at. Ask around and dig up some information about him. My suggestion is to ask the seniors around your community because they know the players better and they can provide good advices for you too.
Who is who ??

2. Second , before handing out each other's yoyo to the other player , its best to physically show it to your trader whether they are interested and if possible , they should be doing the same. This is to determine the "condition" of the yoyo. "Condition" means how is the yoyo appearance at its current state before trading. Some yoyos are pretty much dinged up but it still plays well , some yoyos are in mint condition and some yoyos are just plain spoil down to its core (consider this as taking out the thrash).
That's a huge ding !! NO TRADE !!!
You should be looking at scuffs deep cuts into the yoyo or whether it is just a minor scratch that doesn't affect the performance of the yoyo besides its colourway. So please evaluate the condition of the yoyo properly before trading.
Still acceptable condition

3. Do your own research on the value of your yoyos and the value of the yoyo that is about to be traded. You should not be trading anything that is lesser than the value of your yoyo. If there is a slight difference, that is still acceptable but if the difference is huge, my advice is , do not trade unless the other party decides to top up with another yoyo to reach to that value or pay in term of cash for the excess amount. Negotiating is good but do not go over board. For example , trading an Anglam by Yoyoaddict for a Protostar by Yoyofactory.
Value for Money
 However, this is up to your discretion to proceed with the trade or not. I have seen kids trading a higher valued yoyo for a lower valued yoyo , vice versa.

4. Alright the deal is on , both agreed to trade , now what ? There is only 1 question that should be on your mind right now. How do you send it to the other person ? You could either meet them somewhere nearby your place or any place of your comfort , OR send it through by postage. Please mention and be clear with your trader that both party will bare their own cost of postage to deliver the yoyo.
Delivery ~
Ensure that your house address is accurate otherwise the yoyo will never reach your place and it's your loss for your own incompetency. So do not make this mistake. Also , double confirm your trader house address before sending it to them. Preferably by taking a picture of the house address when you are writing it down on the delivery form and shoot them a text message for confirmation. (for Malaysia , our post office services is called POSLAJU , a little heads up for foreigners to expect what is to be arrived in).
This is how our Malaysia postage looks like
Once is all done, you are ready to deliver the yoyo. My suggestion is , keep the tracking ID of your parcel, it will come in handy for you to track back your item shipped out.

5. Lastly, once you have received your packaging , confirm that the yoyo is the correct yoyo as you have made aware previously. If it isn't , please send a message to the trader and request a change of the yoyo or atleast a refund of money for the remaining balance of the value after deducting the value of the yoyo received.

I don't remember ordering a human ??
 It's rare to receive the wrong yoyo but if if you ever encounter such situation and you could not get back your yoyo, it's petty but report it to the yoyoing community in his area and they should be able to take action on your behalf. I am sorry to say that "Police" will not entertain petty issues because this is considered as your own fault for being gullible.

This comes back to my first point above on why you should perform a background check on the player before proceeding with the trade.

I hope that you will have a good trade in the future and happy trading !!

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