Wednesday, January 21, 2015

8 signs you should invest in a yoyo

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Do you remember the time when you are so clingy to one particular yoyo that you refuse to change ? I have my moments. I remember that I was using an 888 yoyofactory and to me, that was the best yoyo and there is nothing else that could replace it. PFFFT , it has hubstacks yo ! (pun not intended) , What other yoyo that could beat that ?? Owh boy, I was wrong. 

Yoyos are constantly improving each day with a slight modification to their body designs and other special features installed in a yoyo. It gives the yoyo a different feel and a different play style. You see, I didn't know this back then. So, I faithfully stick to my precious 888 for 2 years. One day , I saw this awesome looking purple acid YYF Genesis. After collecting some cash , I got it and for the first time.... I felt that I could do anything with this yoyo ! My tricks that I usually missed is all hits ! I even tried speeding up with that yoyo. It was amazing....

So ladies and gentleman , here are the 8 signs that you should be investing in a yoyo :

Your yoyo has sustained serious damage that has alot of dings and scratches. It's fine if it just a scratch mark with slight colour abrasion but if there is a huge chunk of deep scratch mark , I suggest either you do rim repair (will covered next time) or get a new yoyo. Otherwise the dings will easily cut off your strings.

When you evolve , so as the yoyo. Sometimes the yoyo need to accommodate to your body movements, combo flows and your speed play. Would you use a YYF Velocity or a Duncan Ignite to perform complicated string tricks ? No right ? So change your yoyo. Get a long spinning performance yoyo instead.

You are trying to learn other divisions. Some yoyos a specifically made for that division. For example , a responsive yoyo is used for 2A division , which means you will need to buy a responsive yoyo like a pair of Duncan Hornets , YYF loop 1080 , YYJ Unleashed or sOMEThING LP or a bigger sized yoyo for 4A division. As a yoyo player competitor, a few extra yoyos of the same kind is good for backups.

Rarity of the yoyo. If you are a collector , then it is definitely worth getting a yoyo that is very very rare and no one has it. Waste of money ? Then why do people collect artifacts ? Its the same concept. The price of a rare yoyo will rise as the time goes by and it has to be in a mint condition, otherwise the resale value will drop.

Look at that colour.... Just look at it ~~ A yoyo is too beautiful to resist sometimes. If you think it is worth it , then just get it. Urgh... yoyo company are really smart. With the right colourway it can attract the right customers. ^^

A better version of the previous ones. Like I said above , a yoyo design is constantly changing and constantly redesign to make the yoyo plays better. There is no ONE yoyo that fits the needs of all yoyo players in the world. Meaning , there is no one perfect yoyo for all BUT yoyo companies are striving to make it perfect.

This could be the most simplest reason ever, you just feel like buying a new one. It doesn't make sense but your desire is there. If it is there , means you are purchasing the yoyo in your mind but you are just finding reasons not to buy it. Don't think too much, just get it as long it is within your budget.

The ultimate reason to buy a yoyo is that.... You love yoyos and you love the brand. It is one of the best way to show your support to your favourite brand by buying their yoyos. Just like the music industries, they need their fan base to support them by buying their albums in-order to record a new album in the future. Yoyo companies need funds from us yoyo players in order to produce a better batch or a newer batch of yoyos for the community. So show your support and be proud of your choice of brand !

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