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Health or Hazard ?

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A bandage is helpful for any yoyo players but sometimes , the damage might be a wee bit serious to put a bandage on. Yeap , yoyos do cause injuries to the player but pre-cautions can be exercised. It could either be because of the string stucked in the yoyo , or the yoyo bouncing off your hand and hit your face. The most common injuries a yoyo player can have is a hit to the face , finger cut due to dry skin cracks or everyone's favourite , string burns ~ Trust me when I say this , it freaking hurts but every scar that we have , its worth it. We take pride in this , just like a battle scar. 

However , this does not mean that every yoyo player is condemned to have injuries the moment they start picking up this hobby. We, as yoyo players , has taken steps to prevent from such injury and today , I will be sharing some tips to prevent you getting hit by the yoyo and string cuts while explaining the benefits of yoyoing too. You will be the judge , Health or Hazard.

In Malaysia , we have a humid weather , therefore , string cuts and string burns on our finger or arm is inevitable. So we have taken a few steps to overcome this. The most common ones would be wearing a yoyo glove. You could get this gloves from any yoyo store in your own country , or you could either go to a snooker shop and they have the same exact gloves. The difference is just that there is no logo / yoyo brand that is printed on it. Besides that , it works perfectly just like the ones you get from a yoyo store.

"But if I wear gloves , I could not feel the string" , technically that is true , but there are many great yoyo players that made it through the whole 3 min contest using gloves on BOTH hands. However , if you still would not want to wear gloves , then wash your hands with soap and rinse it under cold water. The reason why is because by washing your hands with soap is to remove any excess dirt or dust off your hands (duh, no s**t , Sherlock) and the cold water will slow down your blood pumping throughout your palm , hence no sweaty palms !
28spin yoyo glove
Duncan Glove
Those are for string burns , but as for yoyo hits. Well ..... The only best advice is can I give is to check your yoyo before you throw. Ensure that the string is not stuck in the yoyo. Otherwise .... You might need some stitches on that wound. Trust me , thats a personal experience of mine.

Anyways , yoyoing is not all pain and injuries here and there. Yoyoing has its perks too. Did you know that by yoyoing , it enhances your creativity and hand coordination ? I bet you do but if you don't , yoyos works the same ways as you are playing guitar heroes on console games. Your eyes needs to follow the movement of the yoyo in-order to land the yoyo perfectly on the string and you will need to use your creativity to think of new fresh combos or tricks.

Besides creativity and hand coordination , yoyoing encourages teamwork. We learn trick and combos from one and another. We work as a team to achieve a better performance on stage and we encourage each other to excel from their current state. We would want to see our younger generation to be the next champ because as seniors , we might be too tired to compete , therefore , the knowledge we have will be passed down To the juniors. When I say "tired", it does not mean that we will be quitting , just maybe a little layback and just enjoy this toy.

Believe or not , yoyoing is considered relaxing to some people too. We are always too stress with work or studies but through yoyoing , we manage to release some tension by relaxing the mind and just venturing into our own world of strings. Its not that difficult actually , you just need to clear your mind, begin creating some knots and get out of the knots of string tricks. There is a WARNING sign though. Its really addictive when you are trying to complete that trick or combo that you thought of and you might not be able to stop till you got it perfectly but hey , that's the fun part of yoyoing , you will never give up till you reach perfection.

In my own opinion , yoyo does not require batteries , you will not be stuck indoor all the time , it's a good icebreaker to converse with anyone , an opportunity to meet someone new each time you are at a yoyo meeting or a yoyo contest and the best of all , you can carry it wherever you go. I am going to quote something from a friend, "It's because of this small toy , it brings a person closer to another person". I believe in this because there is no language barrier in a yoyo. Everyone understands each other through the tricks we show. So , what are you waiting for ? Go and explore with that magnificent toy that is in your hand right now.

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