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Bearing removal

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I am very sorry that I have not been posting as frequent than before because I was battling a high fever for the past 5 days but anyways , I am back ! Slight cough but feeling much much better ^^

Sometimes when I overtighten my, it is very difficult for me to remove the bearing whenever I am about to clean my bearing or when I am trying to change my bearing. Back when I was still a junior player (in this case , I'm a Noob) , I forcefully removed the bearing by using a pair of Pliers , without any soft cloth covering the bearing and pry the bearing out. This could be the worst scenario to take out your bearing ladies and gentleman. 

Why ? Well , if you have tried this method before then take a look again at your bearing. You should be able to see a scar on the bearing , and the bearing might not be functioning properly.

Here are a few tips to remove the bearing properly without damaging it. 

I was taught this method a long time ago by a senior , which I couldn't remember who it is (sorry if you are reading this). All you need is an old string. I will explain why you will need an old string instead of an old one. 

Place the string in between the bearing an the axle (if the bearing is stuck on the other side , then just place the string on the bearing) , now screw the yoyo back on and make sure that the string is stuck in between the bearing and the other half's bearing sit. After you have tighten the yoyo, unscrew back the yoy and you should see that your string is stuck within the bearing. Now, pull he string as hard as you can. Your bearing should come off along with the string.

The reason why you should use an old string is because this method will cut your strings. If you were to use a new string, then it would be a waste. This method works most of the time for me but there are players states that it doesn't work for them. So this is up to your discretion.

For the second method , you are going to need a pair of pliers , a piece of soft cloth (you could use your old clothes , I did that and it works just fine) , and some oil (NOT COOKING OIL !!) example , SINGER machine oil. You can get the pliers at your own local hardware store or any other hardware store in a shopping mall, most common place is Jusco or now it is known as Aeon.
SINGER sewing machine oil

Drip a sufficient amount of oil onto the bearing and let is soak in between the gaps. Next place the cloth over the bearing and cover it all around it. There should be a round gap in between those pliers , fit the bearing into those gap, grab it tightly and slowly pry the bearing. Rock the bearing to the left and right , the bearing should be able to come out. No scar on the bearing and bearing is still usable in good condition.

The last step should be the easiest step. If it isn't then I have no idea what else could be more simpler than this. All you need to do is invest RM25 and get yourself a bearing removal. There is so many bearing removal available in the market right now. We have Duncan Multitool and Yoyofactory Multitool or YYF Bearing removal tool.

Yo-Tilitility Holster by DUNCAN

Yoyofactory Multi Tool
Yoyofactory bearing removal

Place the multi-tool at the center of the bearing, rock it to the left and right of the bearing , and presto ! The bearing will be out. This is so much easier compared to the previous 2 method that I mention earlier. You don't need to carry a pliers wherever you go and you get to save your strings if you are into collecting old strings.
Usage of Multi-tool

I usually carry my own multitool where ever I go because you will never know when you will need to change your bearing or to cut your strings.

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