Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The journey (part 1)

I am going to share a little story about me , I started yoyoing back in 1999 when the first proyo season hit Malaysia. I got my very first yoyo by playmaxx from my brother that resides in Singapore. At that time , I have no idea that a yoyo could spin. So for me , this is just WOW . I'm sure you can understand this , imagine this , a kid that has always been playing with a 20cents yoyo from babu honking from house to house , this a revolutionary ! No idea what babu is ? Ask your parents. 

Anyways, I picked up some nifty basic tricks through internet and trust me , it ain't easy because there were only pictures. Pictures , ladies and gentleman. It's as if I just got my yoyo from IKEA and I am suppose to read the manual book to construct the basic tricks because we didn't had youtube back then except Video Tapes. So I kept practising with the yoyo that I got from my brother.

I did manage to watch Yohans performing in Malaysia at Sungei Wang plaza and that's when I bought my second yoyo that is Vid-E-Yo. Just like the wind blows passing through time, the yoyo craze just stopped after a year of promotion and campaigning. I stopped playing too. 

In 2003, I saw some kids started playing yoyo again and I thought to myself , pfft , the trend is back and soon it will be gone again. If I were to get a yoyo , it's going to be difficult to get strings again. I ignored and decided to continue playing Pokemon card ( I still love pokemons , lol ) . 

But , no matter how much I tried to avoid buying a yoyo , Superyoyo yoyos keeps appearing at every shopping centre that I go to ! So one day when I was in Parkson , Lot 10, I decided to buy the cheapest Superyoyo that I could find , that is Rm10. After that , I went and sat at a bench somewhere nearby and started reading the packaging. There is an automatic return function and a plastic axle in the middle of the yoyo. Bare in mind that I have not encounter such yoyo in my entire life before this so I was slightly sceptical.

I took it out of the box and starting playing like how I usually play. Despite the cheap plastic feel but it plays good. After a week playing with that yoyo , I decided to look for other alternative, this is when I saw a very interesting yoyo , the Aqua Dragon. It was dismantle in a packaging. At the price of Rm25 I manage to get my very first yoyo equipped with a bearing. This yoyo plays way better than the previous one that I bought. 

With the Aqua Dragon , I started exploring intermediate tricks and I came across something interesting... I saw a video of John Sekar and Whip - 1A 4ever. This video really caught my attention and I started searching for a yoyo club in Malaysia. If I am not mistaken there wasn't a yoyo club in 2003 yet , but in 2004 , the Malaysia Yoyo Club , otherwise known as M-yo club was established and thankfully during the Superyoyo season , one of the Superyoyo master introduced this club to me. 

I attended their meeting once and I was amazed by the amount of members in the club and doing tricks that looks complicated to me. I was really shy but soon I was blending well within the group of yoyo players. It felt awesome ~ I actively participate in the club in 2005 because of PMR and SPM. 

For me , a Rm60 yoyo is freaking expensive but imagine getting a Rm170 yoyo. Crazy right ? However , after days of doing house chores and begging , finally my mother decided to give me the greenlight to buy a Speeder. It was a hybrid yoyo made out of plastic body with metal weight rings at each side of the yoyo. For me, this couldn't get any better , but owh boy I was wrong .... 

Now that I have taste the nectar of the honey .... I slightly increase the bar by purchasing a Rm300 yoyo which is the 888 by yoyofactory. This baby plays so so smooth and the hubstacks is definitely something unique at that time. So that's where I started getting more and more various type of yoyo.

To be continue....

Till next time ,
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