Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where to stay for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship ?

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Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship is just 2 more days away (internally screaming) , ehem. Anyways, I know some of you are excited as I am and some of you could be more excited that me but have you figured out where to stay ? No ? Well, don't worry. Below are the list of hotels ranging from high-end hotels to budgeted back packer hotel that is near Bugis+ or near a MRT station for your convenient sake. Hopefully this will help you to budget for a proper hotel during your stay in Singapore.




You should be able to find the nearest MRT station from the hotel locations that I have indicated above. Otherwise, it will be a breeze walk for you from your hotel to the contest venue. Based on my experience, Singapore is a safe place to walk around during the day as well as night time. However , a precaution is always a good idea. Try not to walk alone after midnight hours but instead walk in pairs or in a group (but try not to block the road if you are walking in a huge group).

My personal choice would be "The Pod - Boutique Capsules" because it looks neat and fancy at an affordable price. Anyways, try and make new friends wherever you can, and if you are staying in a backpacker hostel/hotel, try to keep your voice down because there are other travellers getting their rest. Make sure your personal belongings is safely locked in the lockers provided or keep it close to you.

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