Saturday, June 27, 2015

Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship - Day 2

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I have just watched a few videos of AP 2015 and I must say this, I am really impress will all of the players that has made it to the final. We have yoyo baby , Kazuya Murata adoring people around him, we have Shu Takada, and not to forget , Kendama Pro Player , reprsenting KendamaUSA Dave Mateo is in the house !

 Just an update, our Malaysia National , Zafran Aqil will be competing tomorrow in his single A division and guess what, we have another Malaysian finalist that will go head to head with Asia's best yoyo players and his name is Ho Swee Jim. 

For the past 2 years, Ahmad Kharisma from Indonesia, representing Yoyorecreation has putting been up an amazing performance on the stage so far and I'm expecting crazy body binding, hand twisting and mind boggling combos again for this year. It will be an exciting event tomorrow and I am definitely pumped to see who is the champion for this year's Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2015. 

As for yesterday, one of my favorite yoyo player has blown the minds of spectators in Bugis+. He is the 12 times world champion for double A division and he is from Japan. Could you guess who is he ? He is no other than Shinji Saito !!

I am always a big fan of his 2A performance and I'm always captivated by his performance. The fluid motion and the way he controls his yoyos is just spectacular. Another idol of mine is Rei Iwakura. For now, I have not seen any pictures of him posted anywhere related to AP2015 but I really hope that he will be competing this year again.

There was a time that he made it just in time to compete for the finals and he was the champ for that year. Anyways, if any of you that is reading this is in Singapore right now. You would not want to miss this opportunity to meet the biggest players of Asia Pacific in Bugis+.

Tomorrow will be the final day of AP2015. This would be the day where everything would be decided on who will be the champions in their respective divisions. As a consolation, here is a video of Shinji Saito tearing up the stage today ! Enjoy !

Insane tricks by Shinji Saito

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