Monday, June 29, 2015

That's a wrap, folks.

Hi readers,

AP2015 has officially ended yesterday. Congratulations to all of the champions for each of their respective division. Mad props to Iori Yamaki taking the title of champion for the Single A division. It was a really close battle between him and Ahmad Kharisma, which came in at second place and last but not least, 4 times world champion, Hiroyuki Suzuki (Mickey) is currently placed third for the Single A division.

If you have seen a different result , whereby Hiroyuki Suzuki is ranked 4th for AP, it has been noted in the official AP Facebook page that there was a miscalculation in the score sheets. Hence, as a rectification, he is currently ranked 3rd for AP2015. For more details, click here.

Too bad I wasn't able to make it for AP this year around but it definitely look like a fun, enjoyable and more relax event this year. Everybody had fun hanging out with each other. We have seen some new faces taking the stage to a whole new level this year. I hope that next year would be a much more exciting event. 

What will happen now is that, the champions are seeded for World Yoyo Contest 2015 , that will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan, in August.

I'm sure you are eager to know the score sheets, so take a look below.

Single A Division
Double A Division

Triple A Division

Offstring Division

Counterweight Division

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