Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ramadan 2015

Hi readers,

Wyvern Strings would like to wish all of our muslim friends and customers a blessed Ramadan 2015. May your fasting period goes smoothly and any deeds performed during the Ramadan month will be 10th fold. 

Ramadan 2015
As a precaution for all yoyo players that is fasting , make sure you are properly dehydrated after Maghrib and try to minimise the amount of practise during the day. Reschedule your training time to night time instead. I know most of you are eager to compete for Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2015 (AP2015) but your health comes first. Otherwise , your body will not be fit for the contest and this will affect your performance on the stage.

Plan your route to the contest venue to avoid long walking distance from your hotel to the venue. This is to avoid fatigue from the amount of walking and to conserve your energy to compete. 

Most important of all , have fun !!

Till next time,

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