Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yoyofficer are back in stock !

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The most anticipated Hatchet 2 and Kilter 2 by Yoyofficer is now available at As an additional hype for you guys, whenever you purchase a Yoyofficer yoyo , you will be able to obtain a Rm10 rebate (discount) by keying in this code :

(valid from 25/06/2015 to 30/06/2015)

What I have right now is a Kilter 1 and I have been playing with it for the past few weeks, the difference between Kilter 2 and the predecessor yoyo is the obvious shape. It is much rounder now compared to the previous Kilter and by the looks of it , they are still maintaining that cosy hold on the yoyo. So far , based on my experience, the Kilter plays similar to the feel that you can get from Yoyojam Next Level. 

There is just something about the yoyo that has a very centered feeling to it. The side rims are not too thick and the inner part of the yoyo is thinner as usual. I will definitely recommend to get your very own Kilter from 28spin before stocks run out.

As for the Hatchet 2, I have not tried it hands-on at the moment , so I am just going to quote the description that I found on 28spin webstore.

"YOYOFFICER redesigned their popular Hatchet model to serve as their new flagship competition level yo-yo. It has always been a competition favorite among their team members and with the new design changes it is sure to be your favorite too! The Hatchet 2!The original Hatchet design was always popular so YOYOFFICER did not want to change it to drastically when designing the Hatchet 2. They kept the same dimensions but redistributed the weight to amp up performance. They cut down the center weight and pushed it out to the rims to give the Hatchet 2 improved stability and spin time while maintaining the perfect level of maneuverability. They also managed to reduce the weight a little which gives the new Hatchet 2 a slightly faster and even a little floatier feel on the string."
For more information in regards on the product , click here

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