Wednesday, December 31, 2014


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This is going to be a little off topic but with the recent flash flood that is happening in the east coast of Malaysia , they are going to need many items that is necessary to their daily life , such as food and clothes. They weren't able to collect their belongings on time and they had to fled from their home before the water level rises higher. Some victims couldn't make it out of their house on time and drowned in their own home. So please take the time to read about it at .

If you would like to donate in the form of monetary or non-monetary items , the following page will guide you in the process on how to donate to the flood victims :

For updates on what's happening please visit MERCY Malaysia Official FB page at :

 MERCY Malaysia

I couldn't do much to help the flood victims , but I hope that through this blog , someone could lend a hand. As Malaysians, you should be able to feel their suffering and we should stick together as one during this dire moments. For foreigners , you are most welcome to help us too and we are truly grateful for any form of donation given by you.

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