Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Contest preparation

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A yoyo competition is a battlefield for each and every yoyo player that attended. They have put so much effort in training and constantly perfecting their routine. However , without the proper preparation , all effort will go to waste when they are on the stage. Here are a few tips to get you into tip top condition before any yoyo contest.

1) Always have a proper yoyo maintenance. You would not want to compete with an old rusted bearing , over used strings and wobbly yoyos. This will definitely put your stage routine into the gutter. An unmaintained yoyo will result in a bad performance. Its as simple as that. Each and every part of the yoyo is crucial during a contest. You must always keep a clean bearing in-order to keep it unresponsive (unless it is a 2A division then you might want your yoyo to be responsive unless you are Shinji Saito) otherwise your yoyo will snag back during play , always use a slightly used strings but not entirely worn out to the extent that it will snap on the stage , and ensure your silicon pads is not fully worn out.

2) Do not over practise your main yoyo. This is because if you keep practicing with your main yoyo the night before the contest , you will worn out the pads real quick. My advice is , DO NOT try to change your pads on the day of your competition. This is because silicon pads takes time to "break in" in order to have it to perform at it's optimum state. If your pads are brand new , this means that the friction is greater which will result in a much more responsive play. Use another same spared yoyo to practice your routine that night to avoid your main yoyo to be damage during practice.

3) For 2A yoyos , when you are doing your yoyo maintenance , do not over tighten your yoyo because this might cause your axle to break. This is a personal experience of mine because I tried to cranked it (that's what it's call when you try to forcefully tighten the yoyo to make the gap smaller) and the top part of the axle broke. So my advice is , you can crank it , but not too much. Ensure there is enough thick lube on your axle and the bearing , and double check your starburst. Most 2A yoyos has a starburst response mechanism. For example Yomega Raiders , Yomega Raiders EX , Yoyofactory 1080 , and Duncan Hornets.

4) Practise with your music and timing. The best way to get the feel of the competition is to time yourself and get use to your choice of music. Practise on your music coordination while maintaining within the time frame. If you music is one minute , then you need to have a set of combos that fits in a one minute freestyle routine , try not to go overboard. This goes the same for a 3 minute freestyle.

5) If you are not wearing any gloves , wash your hands with soap and rinse it over a running cold water. This will remove any excess dirt or dust from your hands which will make the surface of your hand much smoother. After that , apply some talcum powder all over your palm in-order to minimize the amount of friction between your hand and the yoyo string. Some players have other method in-order to maintain the smoothness of the palm that is by using hand sanitizer.

6) Before going up on the stage , take a few deep breath and just imagine that you are doing a performance for the audience instead of being judged. I know that it can be stressful looking at the judges staring at your with their clickers in hand , ready to click points as you start throwing, ignore all of those. Keep your focus and just remember what your have practiced , enjoy the song that you have chosen , and best of all , enjoy your performance.

7) If you could not remember your routine and it seems that your combos are not constant , it is advisable to write down your combos. It doesn't matter what the name is, just write down the simplest name that you can think of. Next , practice with the list in-front of you plus with the music on. Once you have gotten used to it, remove the list , and try to remember what you have practiced. It usually works for any yoyo players but please do not do it as a last minute resort.

8) Do as the Japanese player does , plan 1 year ahead for your routine. Stick to that routine for the whole year. You may tweek the routine a little bit for each and every contest you will be entering but it is advisable to change it 3 months ahead.

9) Drink lots of water , have proper sleeping hours and do not ever skip your meal. This is crucial to your body because if you do not take a good care of your body , you will be too exhausted to function. You must have a healthy body in order to perform at your best during the contest.

10) Practice , practice and practice. I am going to quote something from the video that I have attached below. "In 1993, scientist came up with a theory that 10 000 hours of practice can make you master at anything, this is our 10 000". So ladies and gentleman ... This ... Is.... World Yoyo Contest 2014

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