Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I don't want to cut it

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I have came across this situation so many time whereby a kid refuses to cut his yoyo string because according to him that a longer string will make the yoyo spin faster. Technically you are right kid , but the chances of you destroying the yoyo before it spins faster is much more likely to happen. This only applies for beginner players because for a Professional player , they know how to handle their throw and they have practised "Breakaway" and "long sleeper" trick so many times till it becomes a second nature to them. 

So , instead of complaining bout your string is being too long and you can't handle the yoyo or the yoyo is bad for you or you can't play, here are a few string cutting tips in-order to improve your your throw.

Firstly , place the yoyo onto the floor and put your forefinger on you belly button.

Next make a wrap at the top part of the string around your forefinger and tie a knot in the string which will result in a new loop. Use a scissor or a string cutter to cut off the excess string but please be careful if you are using a scissor. My advice is to get yourself a string cutter from Duncan or purchase a multi-tool from Yoyofactory in-order to avoid any serious injury. There are some players that uses nail cutter which I think it's another brilliant way to cut your strings plus you will not be stopped at the airport check-in for carrying sharp objects.

The official guideline to measure a string is an inch above your belly button and all the way to the bottom whereby your yoyo that sits on the floor. However there is no one rule of thumb for the length of string for each yoyo player. Some yoyo players prefer a longer string length to perform complicated intricate string combos but some yoyo player prefer to use a shorter length for speed play of combos.

In order to be a professional yoyo player , you have to be well verse in your basics. No matter how silly or how boring it seems , the basics is very very important. This includes knowing your string's length. If you are confuse on the instructions that I have mentioned , you can either come up to me or any senior yoyo player during our regular yoyo meet at 28spin POP store or Kedaiyoyo in Sungei wang , 6th floor, OR you can refer to video below.


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