Friday, December 05, 2014

Wyvern Strings blogspot is up.

Hello there !

We are proud to announce that Wyvern Strings has it's own blog now ! To those of you that does not know what we are doing , here is a little insight. Wyvern Strings produces yoyo strings. We are based in Malaysia and all of our strings are purely handmade. Wyvern Strings was established in June 2014 by Adam Hamzah.

Adam Hamzah is a professional yoyo player that teaches yoyo to younger generations and now he is the owner of Wyvern Strings. He has been playing with the yoyo for 15 years (since 1998) , he has been competing since 2008 and he has been teaching yoyo classes since 2010. 

Wyvern Strings aims to produce durable yoyo strings that has a long lasting effect during play , a slight heavy feel string for slacks or suicides tricks , slick feel for fast play and not to forget , vibrant colours that is clearly visible for every yoyo players during play.

Wyvern Strings can be purchased through our FB page ( ) at the moment and the price-list is highlighted at the top of the page. If there is any further queries , please feel free to drop us a message at

We do attend regular yoyo meetings that is organised by 28spin at Jaya One, POP Store and Kedaiyoyo at Sungei Wang , 6th floor but this is subject to changes by us without discretion. Currently Wyvern is provided locally and a few in Singapore but our main objective is to be recognised globally. We hope that we can get as many support that we can get from worldwide yoyo players and thank you to those that has supported us since we established.

Till we meet again ,
Wyvern Strings

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