Friday, December 26, 2014

Why won't it come up ???

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Some of you may have tried the latest modern yoyo and I am very sure that you have asked this before. "Why on earth it won't come up ??". Calm down ~ The reason why the yoyo would not come up as easily as before is because modern yoyoing requires the yoyo to spin to longer to perform intricate yoyo combos and tricks. The only way for the yoyo come up is a trick call "Binding". 

You have been gone from the scene for many years, suddenly comes back and boom ! yoyoing has evolve so much back from the day you started. Yoyos were more responsive before because it has a wooden axle installed in it and the gap between each side of the yoyo is narrower compared to now. Modern yoyoing has take a huge step by widening the gap and installed ball bearings in all of the modern yoyos.

As I mention before , the only way for a yoyo will return is to perform a simple trick called "Binding". If you are aware of the trick called "Elevator" then this will be a breeze for you but if you have no idea what I am talking about , don't worry , it just means you throw a long sleeper - put your index finger behind the string - pull the yoyo up and down 3 times , and taddaa , "Elevator" trick.

So for "Binding" , perform the same thing as an "Elevator" trick but without going up and down 3 times , place your left index finger (use your right index finger if you are a lefty), slide the yoyo up and place the string in between the yoyo , cross the string and you should be able to feel the yoyo starts to snag a little bit, thats when you flip the string downwards while letting go of the string off your left index finger and tug upwards with your right hand.

This will stop the yoyo from spinning and it will roll up onto your palm. A word of advice , the harder you throw your yoyo , the force of impact is more when the yoyo hits your hand. So you might want to go easy when you are practising for "Binding". Do not give up and keep practising if you did not succeed. The video below will be your reference if gets too confusing. Goodluck !

Binding Trick


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