Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"When do I change my strings ??"

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I came across this question numerous times through Facebook. I understand that its getting a little annoying for some people to answer the same question over and over again. So , I've decided to write a small article on how to change , when to change , and why do you need to change your strings.

"How to change a string ?" :
This is definately one of the most basic thing you can ever do in-order to play a yoyo. Without a string , a yoyo is just a round shaped plastic or metal that rolls around. I have attached a video to this article to show you what's the proper way to tie a yoyo string to the axle. (I do not own the video and the purpose of this video is solely to educate the readers of this blog. Please visit the following website for the actual video posted by )

"When to change ?" :
This is the golden question on all beginner yoyo player's mind. Don't worry ~ you are not wrong for asking. The answer to that question is depending on HOW frequent a yoyo player plays with his/her yoyo. The more time a yoyo player spends playing with the yoyo , the more frequent the yoyo player has to change his/her string. 

It is simple to determine whether the yoyo string is worn out or not. All you need to do is look at the string. Is there alot of string fibre sticking out ? Is the string tension looses its springiness ? or Is the colour of the string is starting to fade out plus black stains on the string ? 

This are the few indicators to any yoyo players that the string is worn out and it's a good time to change your strings. Another advice is that , do not soak your string in water or oil. This will increase the deterioration time of the string which will cause your string to snap.

"Why should I change my strings ?" :
A yoyo string is essential to all yoyos because, as I said earlier, without the string , the yoyo could not be played permanently till you replace it's string. The reason why do we need to change a yoyo string is because if the string has stretch its limit to the max , the string will snap and when that happens , the yoyo might hit someone or hit onto something (example : your father's precious car or tv , your mother's precious vase or worst... the shop's window glass in a shopping mall)

As a professional yoyo player, we have the responsibility and the obligation to be aware of our surrounding before throwing. We would not want anybody to get hurt because of our incompetence. Hence , string maintenance is crucial. Do NOT take this lightly because this will determine whether you will be a mediocre yoyo player or a professional yoyo that will lead the future generation. 

The reason I am writing this article is because I feel that our younger generation has not been provided with the proper guidance of yoyo maintenance. As a yoyo player to another yoyo player , your should have an understanding of your own yoyo. Its a toy that is passed down from one generation to another. You are lucky to pick up yoyoing or have this inborn talent within you. Don't put it to waste. Appreciate the toy , appreciate the art and most importantly , appreciate the knowledge that was bestowed upon you by your seniors.

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