Saturday, December 06, 2014

Wyvern String colours

Hello readers,

As mention previously , Wyvern Strings strives to produce long lasting play strings , slightly heavy feel for slacks or suicides tricks , slick feel for fast play and vibrant colours that is clearly visible to all yoyo players.

So , now , we would like to introduce our line of string colours in order to ease your decision making.

Single colours :
1) Neon Yellow

 2) Lava Pink

3) Neon Green

 4) Neon Orange

Duo colours :
1) Autumn Adder

Autumn Adder is a combination of Lava Pink and Rose Red colour. The inspiration comes from the name itself, Autumn Adder. It is a name of a snake which is also known as African Hairy Bush Viper. The redness of the string brings out the striking colour of the Lava Pink. Its made out of 100% polyester and this is personally my favourite.

2) Snowflake 

As cheesy as the name goes , this string does gives out a cold vibe. Thus the name Snowflake. I would say that if there is any blue colour lover out there , this would be a perfect string for you. Its made out of 100% polyester and this colour comes in duo colour , its either dark blue with white or baby blue with white. Isn't it the perfect string theme for christmas ?

3) Chinese Dragon

Red and gold has always been a sign of prosperity in any Chinese culture. It is a mixture of gold and rose red. It is also made out of 100% polyester and if you are an iron man fan , I am sure that this colour will fit your need. Not only does it looks really nice but it plays well too.

4) Amazon frog

Calm down ~~ Its not literally made out of frog but the colour represent a poisonous amazon frog that could kill 10 full grown man and its mainly used at the tip of a dart by the amazonian tribe people. This strings are not poisonous but it is definately a lethal weapon for any yoyo players. Its made out of Electric blue thread and Neon Orange thread.

5) Night Shadow

It looks yummy and mysterious at the same time. I would have called it Ribenna but that doesn't sound mystery enough. The combination of this string is Black and neon pink. This colour is very limited and so far there is only one person that is using it but that does not mean that Wyvern will not be producing it anymore. 

Orders can be made through sending us an email at or you could visit 28spin booth in Jaya One , POP store or Kedaiyoyo at Sungei Wang , 6th Floor. Prices is available at our FB page : .

Till we meet again ,
Wyvern Strings

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