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Yoyo divisions

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If you have competed before , then you will know that there is 5 yoyo divisions in any yoyo contest but there are also additional divisions that you might not know. To those that are still new to the modern yoyoing , there is are 5 division for all yoyo contest. So I will be listing down this 5 division with an explanation of each division and I will also include a few extra yoyo divisions for your knowledge.

Single A division (1A)
This is one of the most traditional method of playing with the yoyo. The idea is to perform string tricks with a single yoyo before the yoyo stops spinning. You may retrieve back the yoyo and throw it again to perform other tricks or combos. 

Double A division (2A)
This division usually revolves around the usage of 2 yoyos, one in each hand. This play consist of  various series of reciprocal regenerations such as looping , shoot the moons , milk the cows , punching bags, and other types of looping tricks. There are also other forms of around-the-world and other circular motions with the yoyo. By combining looping and continuous circle , a new trick is born known as Wraps.

Generally, yoyos that are used for the double A division (2A) are based on either the modified shape or a classic shape. The yoyos that are most commonly used are Yomega Raiders or Fireball , Yoyofactory 900 or 1080, Duncan Hornets or Ballistics (Note : Ballistics are no longer in production by Duncan), sOMEThING LP and last but not least , Yoyojam Unleashed.

Triple A division (3A)
For this division , it is a mixture of 1A division and 2A division. Players need to use 2 yoyos to perform string tricks. This division is popularized and pioneered by Mark McBride. 

Offstring division or OS (4A)
This division is similar to the traditional Chinese yoyo known as diabolo. The concept is that the yoyo is not tied to the string and the yoyo is thrown into the air. The player needs to perform combos and tricks as the yoyo starts to land on the string. 

Counter-weight division or Freehand (5A)
The yoyo is attached to the string but the difference is that the other end of string will be tied to a counter-weight (example : dice or rubber ball) instead of your finger. This method of playing is developed back in 1995 by Steve Brown. Freehand is considered to be one of the fastest growing style of play , not to mention the most exciting division to watch , due to the freedom of movements. Imagine this , the yoyo could fly off your hand but players has the talent to maintain the yoyo in his / her hand while performing complicated intricate trick combos.

Artistic Performance (AP)
This is a style of yoyoing that uses various type of yoyos and other form of props to perform an artistic performance. This style of play based on mostly on the performance of the player and this division will test the limit of their creativity. Choreography , use of music , creative use of stage , movements , and performance are the main aspect of this division. This is definitely one of the division that is worth watching.

Open division ( X division )
The open division is usually a freestyle division including any style of play other than 1A and everyone will be judged based on their own division of choice in one contest. This division is more commonly found at a small yoyo contest where there are fewer competitors.

Women's freestyle division
This is an extra division for women competitors and it consists of 3 minute freestyle. If there is more than 15 competitors is registered , then a one minute preliminary round will be implemented. Competitors in this division are allowed to participate in all Championship division as well. 

I would like to make a reference to yoyowiki and world yoyo contest 2014 for the information that I have gathered for the article above :

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